Photo Unreachable

No, I am not using any Uploading on
cloud or stuff like that.

I did try to connect the phone to different PC with all the modality possible, some result…many pictures are inaccesable

I found this topic with a similar issue, maybe you find some tips there:


Thanks, but I am trying out their solution and doesn’t work!

Is this in the camera app, or in a file manager (like Settings > USB & Storage > Explore)? If you haven’t checked in a file manager, can you check?

Also, after clearing App data for the Media Storage app in settings as mentioned in the other thread, it will take some time for the indexing service to rebuild.

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I can see them from the app and from the “settings > Usb &…”

I did delete some photos in order to see if others come’s up, but nothing.

The photos are on the phone, but I just can’t access to it by the PC.

Try moving them to a new folder on the phone and see if you can access them there from the PC.

No, not ether this option works…

Also if this can help. I took down the photo’s name that I can’t find, and I did a search for it (with the pc search) by its name (IMG_20171024_160756). And no results are listed.


But of course, the photo does exist on the phone! I took the name from there.

Weird. Does e-mailing that photo to yourself work? Not really a solution for many pictures, but at least it will hopefully rule out any weirdness with the file contents.

Yeah I can share them (email or what’s up), but as you said, is not a solution for many photos, and is not a solution to other photos that can go missing in a future!
There must be a solution out there!

Do you have an SD card in your phone? And if so is it formatted as internal or external storage?

I just put one in, and I am trying from the phone (setting>usb storage…) to copy the DCIM directory from the phone into the SD-Card

Fingers crossed

There is even a second other thread with a similar problem, but also no solution there

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So, thanks to all for the support, but still the issue is not sort out.
I did transfer the DCIM from the phone memory to the SD-Card but still, if the SD-Card is read from the phone there is no track of the photos.
Once I move the SD-Card in the computer then I get to see all of them.

So, there is definitely something to do with the phone, I don’t know what, but must be something there. Are missing more than 700 pics…not few…
So I would love someone of the Fairphone team to jump out with a solution, please.
Get to transfer all the photos all the time, is not that exciting.

Ah! If I try to copy the new directory with all the photos in the phone, nothing happens! It is just the same!

could be that are photos done under a certain type of upgrade, and they can’t be visualized out of the phone?!

the photos missing are all from a specific time, July till September/October

Can you provide some screenshots? I assume there is a subtle difference for those missing photos (permissions, size, format, filename, etc.) when compared to those that are seen from the PC.

What might help are screenshots of

  • image details of a photos that works and one that doesn’t in the gallery app
  • folder view of the same photos on the phone
  • folder view on your PC when connected to the phone via USB
  • folder view on your PC when you take the SD card out of the phone and inserted in the PC
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They don’t really hang out on the forum much, so you’ll either need to file a support request (#contactsupport) or use the #bugtracker to get their attention.

Also, this problem is not Fairphone specific (Google’s own devices are also affected), which makes me think that this a general Android issue. Generally a reset of media storage solves it (though suggestions vary with regards to clearing cache or data + cache and the necessity of a reboot afterwords), so this could be a slightly different issue.


I’m using MyPhoneExplorer http://www.fjsoft.at/de/ to synchronize Android phones and transfer pictures, movies or other files. That always works for me. It possible to use it via Bluetooth or WLAN too.


god, this is terrible… I had this same problem…

I got confused when I plugged my phone into my pc and it said there was only 1gb of free space but checking individual folders in “internal storage” on pc only showed a fraction of the actual used up space. I wondered what was using up all that storage…

I was trying to back up my pictures, so I copied DCIM to my pc manually. Then I realized the folder was only 3gb but my phone claimed there were 8 gb of images using up storage. also the music folder showed 0 files but there was plenty of music (at least another 8gb)… I foolishly followed the suggestion from the other thread (deleting DCIM folder and getting the camera app to recreate the folder) of course that did not work and I lost all 4gb of missing pictures. even after a reboot my camera folder now really is empty…

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