Phone does not reconnect to mobile network (need to switch airplane mode on and off)

I notice that quite often I have my FP2 just sitting on the desk and suddenly going “no service” or “emergency calls only”. It can stay in this state for minutes / hours, but the moment I switch airplane mode on and then off, I get my four bar Vodafone signal back.
I am aware that we do have changing mobile reception in our area, but I would like to see my FP2 putting a bit more effort into reconnecting to the mobile network after connection loss.
This behaviour is quite a nuisance as I do miss incoming calls.
Can anybody recommend a tweak or app that helps improve connectivity. I am happy to sacrifice some battery power for the sake of connectivity.

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In your case, you have no bars in the signal strength indicator, right? Just want to make sure if it’s the same problem like mine in Where is “Disable SIM” in LineageOS?

No, it’s not what you are experiencing, but more like this: Loss of mobile network connection on FP2
Although I am a friend of FOSS (free and open source software), I will give Tasker a try and see if I can set up a task that automatically toggles flight mode on connection loss.

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