Phone app favorites get cleared regularly


Hi all,

Only recently I discovered a new behavior of my FP2 running latest FPOS: In the phone app there are three tabs: Favorites (marked with a star), Recent (clock) and contacts. In the Favorites tab I used to have contacts that I have called or that have called me recently. For about two weeks now these favorites only persist for a few hours, at least the next day they are usually gone and only the favorites that I have marked as such in their contact settings are still there.
I didn’t change anything actively except for that my phone visited neighboring countries and struggled a little bit with the network choice, so I had to help it with manual selection which I switched back to automatic later on. Don’t know if that could have any impact. The problem however persists back at home.

Any idea what is happening here and how it could be fixed?



Hello Martin,

I’ve been experiencing the same issue than you for 1 or 2 weeks maximum.
In my case, I didn’t change the network choice settings, it is still selected automatically.

So far I remember, there was no update of any sort directly prior to the problem’s apparition.

Do you still have the issue or has it been solved meanwhile ?



Thanks for confirming that I’m not the only one. Yes, unfortunately the problem persists. I deleted the cache of all apps, I rebooted, I shut down the phone and started it again which temporarily led to the issue of the phone being extremely slow but that got better by itself somehow again. But the issue described above is still there…