Sudden change of my lock and home screen

My lock screen and home screen have suddenly changed into an unknown picture (palm tree leaves and two shadows of hands, in blue, red and green). Before it happened the phone freezed while I was reading an official newspaper app. I want to know if my phone is hacked or if there is any malware or virus on it. Anybody else familiar with this issue? #fairphoneangels

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Sounds like the Fairphone default background (as pictured in the article here). Depending on the type of crash, the file with the background that you have normally could not be accessed (e.g. in case of SD card issues), or the settings just weren’t read for some reason when the home screen process restarted. It might be worth restarting the phone if you haven’t done so already.


In case you wanted to contact them, this is not how it works, just follow the #fairphoneangels link yourself to find out :wink: .

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I had this twice already, last time yesterday while reading a website in Lightning browser. Phone froze for one or two minutes, then the default background showed. My normal background photo is on the phone’s internal memory. I have no idea what could have caused that as I didn’t do anything special with the phone. Memory is available completely without a restart, no strange behavior. I doubt that it has to make with any virus or hacking.

I don’t know if it is the same “problem” I had once: After using spotify my lock and home screen changed as well (it showed a picture of the song I was listening at the end). When I closed all the active apps it vanished and I had my normal lock and home screen again.

I’ve not been able to reproduce the “reset to the factory home and lock screen” -my home and home screen are one of the other factory delivered one- which happens when the phone is idle or at least locked (I find the screens changed after not having used it)
I don’t know if the following is also related to it, but if I recall it well, it has started parallel.
For at least 2 weeks now, my FP2 has been crashing (screen shows a red battery with an exclamation mark followed by %1$d%%

Here’s a topic about this …

Thanks! Didn’t showed up, when I searched for it

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