✏ How to update your Fairphone 1(U)

:information_source: This is a #wiki post about problems/workarounds/solutions with updating the FP1(U). Feel free to edit it if you can add helpful information. For a guide for FP2 click here.

##General information

The current OS version is 1.8.7.
You can find a list of all OS versions here.
For a full list of changes look here.
For interactive tutorials look here.

##Before you update

  • :warning: First of all make a thorough backup!!! E.g. with Titanium Backup
  • If you’re using Google 2-factor-autenthification make backup codes before you update (thanks @langhaarschneider)
  • You’ll need a Wifi connection, so if you don’t have one at home find a hotspot.
  • Many users reported that after the first restart the update process stops. To avoid this go to settings > developer options and tick “keep screen on” and then start the update with your phone plugged in.
  • Updating doesn’t work with all custom launchers so to be on the safe side switch to the standard Fairphone launcher before upgrading.
  • If you use custom lockscreens, switch to a stock lockscreen as you may lock yourself out of your phone otherwise. E.g. this will happen with Cyanlockscreen in 4x4 or higher grids as the Xposed framework on which it relies is not loaded after the update.


Step 1 Open the updater app and download the latest update. You will be asked to restart. The OS will be installed and the phone restarted without Google Apps.
Step 2 (Optional) Open the updater app again and reinstall the Google Apps.

You can also manually install the update.
The linked article states a complicated 8 steps process but there is an easier (unofficial) way, but you may run into the same problems as with the automatic update.

Step 1 Download the right file (link above) with the browser on your Fairphone (tested with Fennec F-Droid/Firefox).
Step 2 Open the downloaded file. The updater app will start and you will be asked to restart the phone, …
Step 3 (Optional) Reinstall Google Apps through the updater app.

##After you update

  • first test if everything is working so far. Then restore your backup. Don’t restore Google apps and refrain from restoring system apps to avoid issues. (In Titanium Backup you have the option to restore just the app data, that’s fine).
  • If you are using apps that require root access you’ll have to grant it to them again. So e.g. Adaway and FasterGPS won’t do their job until they have superuser access again.
  • If you are using Xposed start the Xposed Framework app after the update and go to Framework > “Install/Update”. After a restart every Module should work again like before.

##Problems that might occur:##

###General Problems

  • If at any point during the upgrade you end up with the resting robot screen saying “no command” this guide will help you.
  • Point 4 of the guide says you should navigate to the folder “updater”. If you don’t have that folder in the list reboot and move the os zip file to a folder that does appear in that list and try again.
  • If you get an error message “not enough storage in the cache” you need to wipe it as explained here.
  • If you get an error message “out of storage” or similar while trying to install an app or to restore an app via TitaniumBackup, look here for a solution. This should only affect people, who recently updated from the 1+12GB original FP1 storage layout to the unified storage layout (13GB).

###Google related Problems

  • After re-installing GAPPS you have to restart again and maybe add your Google Account again (Settings > Add account > Google).
  • If the wifi symbol stays grey and/or your contacts/calenders/mails/… are not synced, download any app from the play store and wait a while.
  • If you forgot to create backup-Codes for Google’s 2-factor-authentification you can make them call or text you with working codes. (thanks @ben)
  • If you have further problems there is a discussion right here.

###Launcher related Problems

  • If you use a custom launcher you might lose your home screen setup. Some launchers offer backups of that setup but they don’t save everything. You’ll probably need to reconfigure your widgets.
  • If you update from 1.8 you’ll lose your home screen setup. If you were used to the launcher with the big icons introduced in 1.8 and want it back go to this discussion.