Parts of the touchscreen don't work - See first post for troubleshooting

Hi all,

Note that the request system now works pretty well, I didn’t have to call the support service on the phone. I posted an online request on Sunday morning with the same screen issue discussed here, and got a response one hour later (or even less) telling me how to return the display module.

So it seems like the support team is now big enough to handle requests… big up to them!

Hi Fairphone community,

I had/have the known issue, that the FP2-Screen isn’t responding in a specific area (see picture).
After I tried to dis- and reassamble it still didn’t work, so I started the replacement process with Fairphone. So far so good, I got the retoure sticker and was about sending it back, but then suddenly it worked fine again. So I cancelled the process.

Now, unfortunately it doesn’t work again. So here is my question:
Is there a way to fix this issue yourself without replacing the whole screen? I’ve heard from stories, that fixed a not-working WIFI of an iPhone by putting it into the oven for 1h with 80°C, so my idea was trying this with the screen.

Does the Fairphone Tech-Team know why it comes to that problem and if there is anything you can do apart from replacing it with a new one (like my idea)?
Or has someone from this community an idea/experience?


When you dis- and reassembled the screen did you clean the connectors? Try a dry q-tip or maybe a bit of alcohol.
If keeping the connectors clean and making sure the phone is reassembled correctly doesn’t provide a lasting solution then there could still be a hardware issue with the screen and it may need replacement after all.

This is a screenshot from the maintenance “draw freely” test - seems like the left hand edge of my screen simply doesn’t work. Is there a known/bug or fix, or do I need to buy a new screen (and when do they come into stock?!)

Edit It’s not clear from the screen shot, but the left-hand ~10% is completely blank; i.e. the screen didn’t receive any input in that portion of the screen.

Contact Fairphone Support and attach the screenshot to your message.

Before you contact support take the screen off and carefully clean the contacts. This sometimes fixes issues with the screen. If it doesn’t there is nothing else you can do but get a replacement.

It’s a known issue.

My screen does that, too. I’ve cleaned the contacts but nevertheless… Strangely enough: Sometimes the screen worked, eventually. But most of the time, it does not. :wink:


Since I updated my phone today the whole touchscreen is unresponsive. I have had no problems with this until now. I installed the update then rebooted the phone but when it started up again the touchscreen would not do anything. Side buttons still work, that is all so the phone is unusable!

Have read about cleaning the connectors but reluctant to mess about with the hardware when it seems like a software issue.

Have you tried to reboot your FP2 again? The very few cases I had this problem it went away after a reboot. For a reboot with an unresponsive touchscreen, you have to push and hold the power button for a long time.

Thanks for your reply. Holding down the power button only seemed to bring up options to turn off or reboot which of course I couldn’t select because the touchscreen is unresponsive. I tried turning the phone off by removing and replacing the battery but the problem remained when I started it up again.

This morning the screen was not even turning on. Tried holding power button again and this time it did reboot. To my relief the phone is now working. Yay!

Hello, the touch on my screen is not usable in the whole screen. If you can see on the screenshot, the left border does not work.

Know anyone how to solve this problem?

Thanks, André

Did you check the first post? If the steps mentioned there or in the corresponding support article:
don’t help, you’ll have to contact support for a (warranty) replacement of the display module.

I have had the same problem. Bought a new display and now everything’s fine. :wink: I guess you really should contact the support; I tried so, too, at first and they responded reaaaaaally quickly. :slight_smile:

Yeah, they respond really quickly these days, but the problem is that the display modules are still not available… Hopefully the shipment from China will arrive soon.

…and once it does, I suspect the display modules will sell out in no time as everyone will buy a few extras, just in case… :wink:

It seems that those displays arrive quickly sometimes.

–> Out of stock/missing FP2 spare parts from online store (currently none :) )

Hi, This afternoon the screen on my FP2 started behaving very strangley. Nothing had happened to the phone before to prompt this. I was halfway through typing a message when all of a sudden I couldn’t use the keys on the far right of the screen - including send and question mark etc.
I switched it off and on again and when i came to unlock it it was automatically scrolling through the numbers 3, 6 and 9 and kelp locking me out for 5 incorrect tries. i wasn’t even touching the phone while it was doing this.
I have removed the screen and reattached it it just i case that was causing the problem, but it still persisted.
Any ideas?

I moved your post here. Please check the first post for some pointers.

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Hi there,
I noticed yesterday that whenever i press the letter ‘d’, then instead ‘s’ and ‘f’ are displayed on the screen. When press ‘x’, i get 'cz’
This happens with Gmail, Facebook Messenger and sms. I also tried to use different keyboards. I currently use an English UK Gboard. I tried the English UK Android keyboard too.
I saw that this was mentioned under the ‘ghost touch’ topic, but i’m not having that issue now.
I hope the screen doesn’t need to be replaced. I didn’t see any way to tackle this in the ‘maintenance’ apps.

Anyone else seen this problem? It’s still not possible to type ‘d’ and ‘x’.

This sounds like parts of the screen aren’t working - I’ve moved your post to the relevant topic; see the first post in this topic on how to test (and a link to the official support article).