Parts of the touchscreen don't work - See first post for troubleshooting

yippie, my phone has been fixed. It worked exactly as Lars2 described:

The fastest way to get a new display module ist to call the support by phone.
At first I opened a ticket using the support internet page, but that ticket has not been processed for almost two weeks. After I called fairphone support, the helped very fast. My old module was picked up by DHL on Tuesday and I received the new module on Friday, which I consider quite fast.

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Sign me in, i have a right to middle dead touchscreen column. I hope my ticket will get a fast response.

Hi there,

I have had this issue twice already, also after replacement of the screen. So either there’s a whole bunch of touchscreens produced that have the same issue, or there is something going wrong between the main component of the phone and the screen. Whatever the problem is, it seems like a production failure, like said.

Knowing the problem reoccurs, and that this is pretty frustrating, I asked the zendesk what my options are. From what I read above, the issue is very common and there seems to be understanding from the staff. I will keep you up to date about my ‘ticket request’.

@BeMiGro You were suggesting that having the phone in your pocket might cause the issue. I was thinking the same, so thank you for mentioning it. I think it might be an issue either because of the force on the phone (the phone’s pretty big and might suffer from ‘tight’ pants) or because of humidity (e.g. when I cycle on a summerday humidity increases, and I cycle daily for 1.5 hours). What I’d like to ask to you all: do the people that have the complaint carry their phone in their pocket? My reasoning: as it is usually men wearing their phone in their pockets, this might explain why mainly men are having the issue (just a little hypothesis, based on names I read above).

Anyway, next time my screen or complete phone is repaired / replaced, I’ll try to carry it in another way. If I get the chance, I’ll also keep you up to date about this!

Good luck too all of you that are suffering the same frustrations :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have this issue, am a man an cycle 45 mins per day on weekdays

I received a friendly reply one day after raising the ticket. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to disconnect the screen from the phone. I received the tip to ‘massage’ the screen, but not much is happening. I am afraid to break the phone when I apply more pressure.

Did anybody else have this issue? Maybe this - a malfunctioning connection between phone and screen - could be the problem?

Hi, I had problems disconnecting the screen module too, but I was successful when using the following instruction:

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Intetesting hypothesis, indeed. I’m cycling approx. 1/2 hour each (working) day.
After I had the display exchanged I started carrying my phone in a Feuerwear Mitch 10 belt pouch whixh @vowi researched in this thread:
Cases and screen protectors for Fairphone 2 (FP2) (or: Which fits better: Feuerwear Mitch 6 or 10?)

Hi all,

I have the same issue. I don’t cycle a lot, but keep the phone in my pocket often.


Yesterday, a half centimetre band to the far right stopped working. I read this thread and tried rebooting and switching hold delay. No change.

Today, touchscreen problems got worse, it seemed like something was constantly swiping down/pressing the touchscreen. After shutting it down, I tried removing the screen module and putting it back. That seemed to help and the problem is gone for now.

I also keep my phone in my pocket and usually bike to work.

Edit: the problem actually returned while writing this. I suppose I will have to contact support.

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You have a support article concerning this issue:

If the issue persists, please contact the support team of Fairphone with the title “Part of the touchscreen does not work”

Hi, I’ve followed the suggestions, but nothing seems to help. Sometimes I can solve it temporarily by “squeezing” the screen or removing / replacing it (have also tried cleaning the connectors), but the problem always comes back. Sometimes after a week, sometimes after an hour.

Currently my FP2 is pretty useless, as the letters “E”, “D”, “Z” and character “,” don’t work (unless I change to landscape mode, in the apps that support it), so I actually had to write this on my computer instead.

I still haven’t had any response to the support ticket (#126722) that I opened on september 5th. I’m considering ordering a new screen, but before I spend all that money I want to be sure that I will be reimbursed for the cost…

Has anyone been successful in contacting Fairphone support to get their screen replaced?
I’ve been trying to get in contact with them for over a month, but still haven’t heard anything back except for automatic “we will contact you soon” replies.
I tried removing the screen and putting it back on, as suggested here: which only made things worse :frowning:

Seriously, don’t know what to do. I don’t want to get another phone, bc I want to support this project - but I need to have a working phone where I can use all letters of the alphabet…

It’s the second time I experience this bug. The first time I had to send the whole phone back and forth, but it went smoothly (took time, but I wasn’t in a hurry). DHL picked up the phone at home, and delivered it back a week after. The second time (a month ago), I started the procedure, waited a week, tried to call without success, and finally got an answer within two weeks. Only the screen is to be sent back. Since I wasn’t very reactive my self, the procedure is not finished yet. Anyway don’t worry, be patient, and things will go smoothly.

Please give them a call and mention your support request’s ticket number so they can speed up your request.

I would, if i I was able to find their phone number. It’s not on the home page, is it?

Hi, here is the number from the homepage: “Or call us: Monday to Friday 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400” Each time I tried, I have reached someone. Sometimes even German speaking people ;-).

Thanks! I was apparently looking at the wrong page.


I m having the same trouble: a 1cm band on the right of my screen doesnt work.
After dismantling the screen i noticed that on the left (not screen part), on what looks like the screen connectors, there are two little white circles that i dont see on any other picture of the dismanteled FP2. I though it may be related to this screen problem?

Does anyone have the same little white things there (see picture) or know anything about them?

Thanks a lot,


I’m not sure I understand where you mean. The display connector is the thing above the map, but that’s on the right.
I can’t really spot a difference with the picture in the iFixit guide that I’m using as reference. Then again, I never was very quick in those spot-the-difference picture you’d get as a child… Which picture did you find that is different?

hi Johannes,

i may be wrong with the word ‘screen connectors’.
Here a better picture so that you can see what im talking about:

I’ve always thought those pins were designed to keep a little bit of pressure against the inside of the screen. I’m guessing the white circles are material designed to keep some some spacing within the modules, or to avoid shorts between components and the metal parts of the frame. If they radically change the flexibility of the pins, it could ‘push’ the screen in a way that the screen connector has a bad connection - but normally the screen should be fixed in position well enough via the hooks and sliders.
If cleaning the display connector and reassembling doesn’t solve the problem, contact Fairphone support with the details they’re asking for here (and send them your picture of the white thingies as well, just in case).