Other battery that fits? (FP1(U) battery warranty is 2 years at least)


I think my battery is no longer working well - think the blow-problem is coming…

So I need a new battery - I know there is one in the shop - the price with 18€ ist OK - but the shiping costs with 11€ are definitiv not fair and to high. So does anyone know where to get the battery (or a fitting one) somewhere else for a cheaper endprice? (here it’s sold out - but cheaper http://eustore.ifixit.com/Ersatzteile/Android-Ersatzteile/Fairphone/Fairphone-FP1U-Akku-Austauschbatterie.html)


A bloating battery might be covered by warranty. Contact support and try!


my FP is one of the first - so the battery is now nearly two years old - I think no warranty.

“nearly two years old” is the key. Warranty should cover you for 2 years. I’ve had mine replaced in September and also have one of the first batch. I would just try it. The worst that can happen is that you have spent 5 minutes sending a support request which gets refused. In the best case you get a new battery for free.

BTW: Maybe shipping costs have changed after Fairphone has moved to a new distribution center?

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Thats right - I wrote to the support! Thanks for the hint!

Batteries and chargers/adapters usually have only six months of warranty but FP might handle that different.

They do! :smile:

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It is possible to find batteries that fit the phone that the FP1 is based on. The ones that I know of, however, are not approved for use in Europe - though this doesn’t necessarily mean anything, I wouldn’t go that route for safety and legal/import reasons. Also, there is a chance that the Fairphone uses a modified version of that battery, or different firmware in the battery. So to be more precise - there isn’t one that is really known to fit and not to blow up your phone.

I hope you’ve managed to get a warranty replacement (or will do when the new distribution partner is up and running). Speaking of warranties and whether Fairphone handles them differently:

Although I did notice that for the FP2 the warranty is one year for the battery, and two years for the device (the latter is EU minimum). Can’t help but feel that that the two years warranty on the FP1 battery is a little accidental…

I received my Fairphone in january or february of 2014, and just last week, oktober 2015, I got a free battery replacement because of bloating. So yeah warrenty still holds for a failing battery within 2 years.