Only two apps per folder

I can create and label a folder on a screen (e.g.News) and drag multiple apps into it but after a re-boot, all but two of the apps have disappeared. It seems two is the maximum allowed in a folder. I have tried this with multiple folders. Anybody else experienced this?

definitely not. I do have more than two apps per folder.
And the apps stay there, even after a reboot.

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@Spangly Is this about FP2? I moved it into #fairphone2help for now. :slight_smile:

Yes, sorry. FP2

I have similar problems with app folders. But I think after rebooting or unmounting the SD card always the apps with are moved to the SD card go lost. this is definetealy a bug I noticed. this is really annoying. I’m considering moving teh apps like telegram back to the phone storage because now I have to search in the app drawer for the apps

also discussed here: Position of the APPs and Folders after FP Start or Reboot

hy spangly

i had the same problem, but with more than two… maybe my solution also works for you: i have for example 2 apps in a folder and i am not managing to put the 3rd in there too. so i remove nr. 2, then i could put nr. 3 into the folder and also nr. 2 back into the folder. and more apps. i always have the problem, when the folder is “full”, which means with an additional app the open folder should look bigger, then i have to do this… sorry my bad english…

how do you label a folder? i don’t get it… longpress doesn’t do anything, i could only remove the folder…

Open the folder and tap on the label at the bottom of the folder. Then you can just change that text/label.

thank you! that was too obvious for me! :wink: