Position of the APPs and Folders after FP Start or Reboot

Holla Fairphoners,

I have a challenge to win.

If I reboot or start my FP2 some of my APPs and Folders are removed from the positions where I put them or are completely removed from the screen back to the All APPs folder.

Is there a proper way to lock their positions?

I am curious for your amazing suggestions.



I think this be related to either of the two following reasons:

  1. There might be a problem, if you store apps on an SD card. Do you do so?
  2. Maybe there is a problem with permissions (i.e. the FP updater cant save the position of the apps because it only has read access of the settings file).

Both of the guesses are shots into the wild.

A quick workaround would be to install a different Android Launcher.

I have similar problems with app folders. But I think after rebooting or
unmounting the SD card always the apps with are moved to the SD card go
lost. this is definetealy a bug I noticed. this is really annoying. I’m
considering moving teh apps like telegram back to the phone storage
because now I have to search in the app drawer for the apps

also discussed here: Only two apps per folder