Official LineageOS 21 for FP5

Seems like things are moving on official lineage.
Today I noticed FP5 is listed in the download section of LineageOS (without builds however).


there is a download


Yep, it worked for me. :slight_smile: But i already had, LineageOS running.

Here is a short (not official) Guide:


I apologize for hyjacking this thread just a quick question for those with a fair phone 5 with LOS21 does call recording work just like the FP4 I am running los20 and wish to get my wife a FP5 but only if it records calls with LOS21.

I understand you want an answer and kindly ask you to stop putting the question in any random (german) topic.

I moved your post here and as reference

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Is any body daily driving this yet? If so hows the experience been. Wanna jump as stock is starting to get on my nerves with the bugs/inconsistent battery life

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Yes, my FP5 is now in daily use. But my use case is definitely not “normal”. For me, the phone is a machine and not a “friend”. I use LOS21 without GApps and only a few apps that do things in the background. Banking apps and car sharing apps and things like that don’t work.
If the original Android is not used, some DRM things have disappeared (codecs etc.).
Battery lasts for 6h SOT. In standby about 0.5%/h. Including IRC and XMPP.
5G/WLAN calls/Wifi6 etc. work perfectly. I don’t use things that supposedly improve human life (tap-to-wake and things like that). If you know what F-Droid is without googling, this (FP5 with LOS) could be something good :sunglasses:

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