Official LineageOS 20 FP4

In that case, might I suggest Calyx: microG, privileged extension and based on AOSP, you won’t get more vanilla than that. Here’s the thread about it if you have more questions:

iodé could be an option as well, I don’t know if they include the privileged extension :thinking: you’d have to ask someone who runs it:

(Side note, don’t lock your bootloader without checking fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability!!!)


@hirnsushi thank you very much :slight_smile:

I already had iodé on my radar as it was suggested to me. Will try it out next.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll try to make sure not to brick my phone.

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they do

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iode OS looks great, the phone does complain about an unknown OS installed on boot, but everything is locked. Backup to Nextcloud is the best feature ever :+1:
I moved everything over from my old FP2.

also if @moderators want to move the latest few posts over to the iodé threead, I wouldn’t mind :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Since the official build of the 26.03.2023, I have a bug with the lockscreen. Sometimes when I turn on the screen, it’s not possible to enter my pattern or to have the fingerprint working. The only thing I can do it to shutdown my smartphone and turn on again.

Unfortunately, the build of the 02.04.2023 don’t solve the issue.

Someone else have seen this issue?

Is there a way to go back to the build of the 19.03.2023 without wipe the data? There is no option in the update section of the settings menu of lineageos.

I got my Fairphone 4 just less than two months ago and only used Android 12 so far. However Android 12 has its own quirks like problems with AptX or strange issues with the “recent apps” button when using 3-button-navigation with third-party launchers. Also the mobile hotspot is at least confusing (you have to turn off WiFi first before you can use it etc.).

On the other hand it’s already a couple of months since LineageOS 20 was officially released for the Fairphone 4 (also see [ROM][13][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 20 for Fairphone 4 | XDA Forums and Info about FP4 | LineageOS Wiki). The first release had some issues with the provided camera app “Aperture”, but these are fixed.

I installed LinageOS 20 along with the " MindTheGapps" for Android 13 and arm64. My experience so far with LineageOS 20 is much better than with the stock ROM based on Android 12. The only downside is that you need to unlock the bootloader, so you can not use Google Pay and some other apps which require a positive SafetyNet check. However I had no problems with the two banking apps I need. Both work fine despite SafetyNet will not pass.

Compared to stock Android 12 the following issues are fixed or improved (the list may not be complete, just what I noticed so far):

  • The stock launcher - “Trebuchet” - does not force you to have a defect Google search bar which can not be removed.
  • Bluetooth headsets with AptX work fine and not only AptX HD. There is no need to manually disable HD audio to get headsets working.
  • “Recent apps” in 3-button-navigation and third-party launchers work without disabling animations in the developer options first.
  • The hotspot can be enabled even with WiFi turned on and there is no confusing “5 GHz” option if that is not supported in your region anyway.
  • The LineageOS camera app “Aperture” does not require Google Photos as gallery app - you can also use other gallery apps like “Simple Gallery”. However Google Photos is support if installed and also Google Lense can be used if the Google app is installed.
  • “Material You” is fully supported - colors can be either based on the wallpaper or you can manually select a color scheme for the UI.
  • The clock on the lockscreen can be configured to be one line by default and not only if notifications are displayed.
  • The clock in the status bar can be configured to display seconds as well and can be hidden automatically when the launcher is active.
  • Status bar icons can be hidden or shown and you can select a different icon theme for the status bar icons as well.

The only issue I found so far: “Aperture” can only store images on the internal memory but not on the SD card. But with 128 GB or 256 GB internal memory this is usually not a big problem (all my pictures from 2016 until today are just about 30 GB, so I still have more than 70 GB free even with more than 60 additional apps installed I use on a regular basis). And you can still move photos and videos to an SD card manually if needed (or use a tool like FolderSync to automatically move files to an SD card or servers on a regular basis).

I would also like to have more customizations for the lock screen - but overall it is usable and an improvement anyway.

So far I am very happy with LineageOS 20 on my FP4.

Keep in mind: downgrading from LineageOS 20 back to the stock ROM with Android 12 will usually not work due to the Android downgrade protection! When you try to lock the bootlader you may end up with a bricked device - so LineageOS is a one way ticket as long as there is no official Android 13 version for the Fairphone 4 available.

However there are also workarounds using Magisk to get even Google Pay running and getting a positive SafetyNet test. I don’t need that and wouldn’t use a hack where I can’t be sure how long this would work, but the option exists.

No, downgrade without wipe is usually never possible, regardless which ROM you use.

I started with the first “official” build (2023-03-19) and never had that issue with the lockscreen so far. So maybe just wiping will already solve your issue. Eventhough this is a cumbersome task, but maybe because of the previous versions were not “official” the upgrade path was not tested as thoroughly and future updates will work better. I already did the upgrade von 2023-03-19 to 2023-04-02 yesterday using the integrated updater of LineageOS and had no problems at all.

Yes. Happened twice here.

I’m having the same issue on CalyxOS. just a tip: you don’t need to restart when that happens. if you have power button double press set to launch camera, doing so when the bug occurs will let you open the camera and then back out to the unlocked home screen.

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Thanks for your feedbacks.

So I’m not an isolated case, and finally it seems it’s linked to this update of the 26.03.2023 (and on rom based on LineageOS).

Is there a way to report a bug officially to the LineageOS team?

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Thanks for link.

But I think that I will not be able to report it.

As I understood, it’s mandatory to join a logcat.txt when we report a new bug.
As this bug appear sporadically and I don’t have found how to reproduce it, I don’t know when to start the log.
Because if I’m right, I have to send the adb command to start logcat before reproduce the bug, it’s correct?

I dont understand much about this or difference if any, however you can add to you power button menu the “bug report” shortcut.

Ok, I have tried to add this issue on GitLab with the report generated through the “bug report” from the power menu.

I hope that it will help to have this issue solved.

Thanks for your help


What key combination can be used to do hardware tests on Lineage OS? In Fairphone OS it goes yes with: * # * # 2 8 8 6 # * # *

As you said, you will most likely not be able to lock the bootloader, still I dont think its a one way road as you can use it with an unlocked bootloader after manually installing FPOS again.

I am not sure if this is true. Yes, there is a ( obviously malfunctioning) rollback protection that can brick your device. BUT: I think what is important is the monthly Android security patches and not the main Android version in general. So I think you might be able to revert to the default OS if you have, say, LOS 20 (Android 13) March security patches installed. And there is a FPOS (Android 12) version with April security patches available…


There is no such code in LineageOS.

Yep, happens to me twice a day since latest update.
Very hard to purposely reproduce though.
Thanks for reporting it!

Yes it’s right. It’s the security patch which is important. I have contacted the support of Fairphone and they have confirmed that. The security patch of FPOS need to be equal or higher of the security patch onf LineageOS to roll back and relock the bootloader.

I have tried on a second device to roll back from lineageos (Android 13) with security patch of March 2023 to FPOS (Android 12) with security patch of March 2023, and then relocked the bootloader and all was OK.

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