Official LineageOS 20 FP4

Thanks! Removed the phone number, and yes… wifi calling is enabled:

BTW, changing the calling preference to “call over wi-fi” or “wi-fi only”, doesn’t allow it to work, either.

For the record, updating to the September 8th, 2023 Lineage for Microg build restored WiFi calling, so it was clearly a problem with the August build.


One common issue I have with Lineage OS (or more)
Camera… takes sometimes AGES to capture a photo… and no slow-motion :frowning:

I’ve had the same experience with Fairphone’s Stock Camera too though. The time from hitting the button to actually taking the photo is often enough for the moment to pass. :frowning: It’s a bit better with other camera apps in my experience.

I have the Aperture Iode Version of the LOS Version installed and dont see any special delay on stock FPOS and yes it has only very minimal settings. Try a GCam Port its better in my eyes, also the picture quality

I was talking about taking a picture on WhatsApp, Telegram and so ^^

So it always helps to be a bit more precise…

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having this annoying issue with the sound of phone calls (ear and speaker) that i cant change the volume. any one else have this? wondering if its just my install or if it has to do with lineage.

I don’t have this problem with the stock dialer… although I have to say, that I can only switch between 4-5 loudness levels…

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I had just started updating to the latest Lineage release when i saw this thread and aborted the installation so i can neither confirm nor deny:

I just installed it and am typing this message on a working touchscreen.

Are you sure you installed the update of today (lineage-20.0-20231025)? It is not available anymore.

Yes, system details say it is:

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Was anyone brave enough to install the latest update to lineage-20.0-20231101-nightly? I hope the problems of lineage-20.0-20231025-nightly are fixed.

I had downgraded to lineage-20.0-20231015-nightly because of the problems (no working touchscreen) with lineage-20.0-20231025-nightly.
Recently I upgraded to lineage-20.0-20231101-nightly and used it for a few minutes. No problems so far. Cheers


Thanks @oddfellow! Works fine here too.

Hey there, I am using an FP4 with LineageOS 20.
Since a few days LineageOS crashes only a few seconds after entering the PIN, no app can be opened. I was able to update LineageOS to the latest version via recovery and adb sideloading, but this did not fix the problem. I would like to back up a file on the device before I have to resort to a factory reset. However, mounting an encrypted data partition does not seem to be currently supported in TWRP for the FP4. Is there any way to look at crash logs to find the cause of the problem or do you have any other idea how I can get LineageOS running again without losing the file?

Unfortunately I don’t really know, but I remember that TWRP had less support for the FP4 than the LOS recovery. Additionally, I remember that one can boot into a recovery by using fastboot without installing the boot image permanently. So maybe does anybody here know of this path may lead to something?

Yes. And to answer to a lot of questions about relocking your bootloader see this very detailed post on reddit about locking/unlocking phone :

I think that everyone who is wondering how to relock their phone bootloader with lineage should read this very instructive post :