Official LineageOS 18.1 for Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+

Turns out I have the same issue on FP3 with upgraded cameras. I added details to the thread mentioned above.

While it might take time for official LineageOS 19.1 to arrive, take a look at my new work here

PS: It is only for Google/Pixel fans.



I just want to quickly say thank you for continued maintenance of the release and the regular and fast implementation of the security fixes. Thank you very much to all involved!


This is the second time my phone stops receiving SMS after an upgrade. Furthermore, the performance problems I complained about earlier is back. As far as I understand, this is partly due to zRAM not being enabled in LineageOS, whereas it is in stock FP3 Android. Seriously considering reverting back to stock unless someone can come up with a brilliant solution. I’m out of ideas. (I really don’t want to, because there are some aspects of LineageOS I really don’t want to miss, but I have to be able to trust my phone.)

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I definitely support that. I’m rooted, but I’m considering unrooting as this is an endless race between Google/banking and workarounds. But enabling zram (and automatically switching airplane mode) are still making me keeping root.
I also considered stock…

you seem to say that the low performance of fp3+ is related to the fact that zram is not activated, is that right?
I am on /e/os (based on lineageos)

Yes, with time running there’s more pressure on the memory management. Sure, not needed apps get cleared from memory, but you can see the effects better and better with uptime

Hello, since the latest update, 18th April, the camera now seems to freeze in apps such as opencamera and WhatsApp. It works fine in the stock camera app. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Might have something to do with the new blobs. Right now I can’t catch a complete logcat, but it looks like there’s something going on here: WARNING: CPU: 3 PID: 21445 at …/…/…/…/…/…/kernel/fairphone/sdm632/kernel/power/qos.c:682 pm_qos_update_request.part.5+0x1c/0x28

Will try tomorrow to get a complete log and open an issue, if nobody beats me to it :wink:

Edit: just created the issue with a logcat on gitlab

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Also, some Apps can’t access their data on the external disk, notable osmand+ and the epaper app from a german newspaper
I can’t get any “permission denied” or the likes from the log

Edit: I guess I found out what happened: the permission is “access to MEDIA files”, but the card material or the epaper files aren’t flagged as media (in fact, they are stored in the Android/ - app specific folder on the card

Hi there, I’ve been meaning to report this for a while. On my phone, the auto dark mode and auto night light mode are turned on. If I understand correctly, they’re supposed to both turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Well, regularly (or maybe all the time, I’m not sure), I have to forcefully turn them off in the morning by clicking on “turn off until sunset” for both options (and sometimes (all the time?) they don’t turn on at dusk).

Am I the only one ?

LOS 18.1 micro-g latest update (was happening in previous updates, too)

Yes I am experiencing this - unable to take photos using the main (back) camera when using Open Camera and ProShot. Videos are OK though.

In the stock camera app, back camera works OK, but unfortunately selfies are still green :nauseated_face:

FP3 with updated (FP3+) camera modules / LOS 18.1 Apr 18 build

You are correct. I cannot use Osmand+ and its maps anymore. This is new with the New build.
With the normal FP3 and the stock camera modules I cannot save photographs in opencamera either.

Edit: Podcast addict cannot download new episodes either. Old episodes refuse to play (connection error).

Sorry about the problems with the newest update. We are currently changing practically all the proprietary blobs to match the stock Fairphone A11 update. There will be further work on the camera issues.

Although I would personally prefer to “never touch a running system”, I have been convinced by other devs that we cannot just keep the system level components frozen. That would cause us to miss security updates and prevent us from doing the major upgrade to LineageOS 19.1. I have also found it very hard to do any kind of systematic testing for issues - for instance, testing FP3+ vs. FP3 requires removing and reinstalling the hardware modules on the test device. And now we observe that every camera app appears to behave in entirely different and unpredictable ways. :frowning:


Thanks for your efforts. I appreciate all this work, and don’t mind to live with some workarounds for some time. I opened an issue on LOS gitlab, and hope to have provided good logs!
Actually, i prefer to get the security patches, especially in those times we live in

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Don’t worry. Such issues can expected and so far, I hardly had any. If I compare my experience with LOS and stock, LOS had much fewer bugs.
It can be annoying to not being able to listen to Podcasts, but that’s it. Thank for all your dedication.

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Wanted to share that in phone and video calls, I often have maximum audio volume on my wired headset (i.e. at the minimum volume setting).

Yesterday, while in a WhatsApp video call, I switched to a Bluetooth headset which had much lower (more pleasant) audio volume. So I now have a workaround :grinning: but maybe this can be fixed.

Just a thought: is it due to the new audio HAL?

Not sure how to debug this, but willing to try!

I have the same problem like you when I have a normal telephone call with my headset (its so damn loud I have to put it out imidiatly). I have the problem now for 8 days so the release which was lunched today and the release before were causing this problem before it was fine.

I guess it has something to do with the mixer paths config files. See posting here:
mixer paths config

Can somebody check the contents of the mixer paths files from the releases before?

When will Android 12/LineageOS 19 will be released for the Fairphone 3(+)?

LineageOS ditched the .1 versioning scheme. Its just LineageOS 19 now.