[ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] PixelExperience 12.1 for FP3

Hello everyone,

Want to get a feel of having/using a Pixel device on your FP3? Or, want to experience an early release of Fairphone’s stock Android 12.1?
This ROM is definitely for you then.

PixelExperience is a custom ROM that aims at offering a Pixel like feel on a non-Pixel device with no additional features unlike other ROMs out there.


PS: This is purely for Google apps users. This ROM by default has the basic set of GApps extracted from PIXEL device.

Download: LINK

Looking forward to community’s feedback and comments.



FairphoneOS is based on Stock AOSP with Google apps and this is what I meant by the above statement. This ROM is in no way related to Fairphone.

Interesting. I don’t like the Android 12 look nor GAPPS, but I think it’s cool, all this different CustomROMs for the Fairphones!
Keep going!

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Hi, thanks for Android12.1 rom, good job!!!.

I tried on my FP3 and the only thing that is not working properly is the camera, I had problems in all the applications that used the camera.

Thanks for trying it out. One of the proprietary camera components is incompatible with Android12 frameworks. I managed to fix this issue. I’ll post an updated build soon.

Please let me know if you encountered any other issues so that I can fix them before next release.



i’ll be glad to see it with functional cameras , what about gpay ?

I will post an update in next 2-3 days.

Everything works except fingerprint authentication. Due to some unknown issue, fingerprint works until the first reboot. After that it stops working. Same issue in LineageOS 19.1 as well. I am investigating but haven’t had any progress on this so far.


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Let’s close this thread and track on the official page: [ROM][OFFICIAL] Pixel Extended ROM V4.5 Android 12.1 [FP3/FP3+]

@Volker /@Ingo /@Alex.A

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