Official LineageOS 18.1 for Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+

Do I understand you right that the LineageOS directors recommend you to install some proprietary components and services from QC even though they are obsolete for LOS, send usage data home, and may have security flaws? Why that?


I’ll raise this topic and get back to you on the feedback.



Mobile network seems to take significant battery energy, I feel like I am at a lower percentage than before. Anyone else experiencing thus?

Yes, I experienced this since an update appr. half a year ago.
If you turn off “mobile data always activated” (or similar…it isn’t displayed in english on my phone) in the developer options, the battery lasts longer at least in wifi.

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first of all, many thanks for the great work on lineageos for the Fairphone 3.
Unfortunately, I have had the problem that many apps can no longer access the SD card since an update. Among others osmand, antennapod, spotify and magicearth. This is particularly problematic with the navigation apps, as I have no space for the maps on the internal memory.
Do you know when this will be fixed or where the problem is?
I would be happy if this would work again soon.

Hi and welcome, that seem to be a general issue,a Workaround is mentioned here

On the latest build 220516 I cant play DRM videos/streaming. Not sure when this happened because I just migrated. Read it in the LOS 19.1 thread that it is also an issue. Anyone else has this bug?

My apologies again for that. I will include that right away so that it should be available in next release.

@dk1978 are you there around?

Interesting point I also see this very critical but I guess these Qualcomm backdoors are a necessary evil for lawful interception programs. You just have to take a look at the monthly Android security bulletin:

android security bulletin

It doesn’t matter which month you’ve been choosing always critical security holes in Qualcomm and Mediatek chipsets. Just bad coding or plan of a bigger agenda?

see discussion here

Please avoid unnecessary BLOBs - more we have of this shit more exploits are available to infiltrate our Smartphones. How is this topic seen from a developer perspective or are the developers set under pressure from government institutions?

Thank you for the answer and the tip. Unfortunately, it does not work for me. I still only have access to the internal memory.
Spotify no longer works or plays any music. This is really annoying and I can hardly use the Fairphone at the moment.

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Unfortunately, the problem still exists after the latest update.

I can confirm it. Osmand has the Option to switch to the SD card, but when you select it, you cannot save anything on it. I have to use internal storage at the moment. Podcast addict works fine again though.

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Hi All,

Regarding this SDCard issue that has been in talks since a few weeks, Google broke the external storage access on April SPL. See discussion here.

Unfortunately there has been no solution for this yet. Reverting that commit fixes the issue but not sure if it will be considered.



Is it possible to install an older version before the update in question? If so, where can I download it? The only alternative would be /e/ os. My wife has this on her mobile phone and there is no problem.
In any case, the smartphone cannot be used like this.

You can download it on the applicable LOS web page where you initially downloaded it. In case your bootloader is locked I guess you have to unlock it, what will cause a factory reset, so you will loose all data. And even of your bootloader is unlocked you might loose all data as its probably a downgrade. Can you rather reduce the amount of downloads and or use an online Navigation app like Magic Earth?

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I have looked on the website but there is only the current LOS18 version for download.
Do you have a link to a version before the update with the SD card problem?

I also use Magicearth, but as I said, the problem also affects apps like spotify or my podcast app.

I understood, therefore the hint to download less for the time being…

Dont know with which build it started oldest available seem to be 25042022

I found another “solution” - because I had the problem with Quickdic as well and Quickdic could no longer open zipped files in (ext SDcard)/Android/data - so I changed the storage to …/Android/media/de.reimardoeffinger.quickdic the same with Osmand …/Android/media/… and this works well.

But I had another question linked to all the Qualcomm components - how far can we restrict access/permissions of some of them without risk, for example Internet access? Has anybody checked this?

Hi All,

The fix has been merged and the next build should resolve this issue.