Official LineageOS 17.1 for Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+

Just updated smoothly using the May 3 update. The only strangeness was that after tapping ‘Reboot’, nothing seemed to happen. I then pressed the Power button for 10 s to force a reboot - et voilà, it worked out nicely :grinning:


Had installed the update and everythings seems to be ok.

So I made my own Lineagos, compiling went without a hitch but I have a very laggy rom. Scrolling is lagging inside apps, browsers and app menu. Is there anything I missed?

Edit: I am on the 3 may update. It happens on this one also. If I set the profile on performance in battery settings the problem is gone.

Anyone too with this issue?

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I use dk1978’s ROM and compared with the stock FP3 OS it seems laggy. I don’t have any clue though what causes this.

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I didn’t notice the lagging until I started with my own Rom building. Is it possible that my Rom flashing somehow made it worse? Can’t remember that the early april LineageOS builds had this.

Laggy scrolling was mentioned here before in januari, post 381. I’m using the performance profile workaround since then.

So you can conform a clear difference with stock?

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Thanks for the response. I am checking that out this afternoon.

@dk1978 I noticed LineageOS uses the firmware blobs from the 0077-20201221.12400 release. Is that correct? Do you think it affects the performance of the LineageOS builds?

I am on the newest official build later today. Is it possible to extract them from my phone and if so, how to do that?

No, that is not correct - it should be using 0084 release blobs. Are you perhaps looking at the (experimental) 18.1 branch by accident?

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In my case there is a clear difference. Stock OS only lagged when browsing through apps that were loading photos constantly. Now under LOS I experience lagging when switching between different start screens or opening app groups, etc.

In both cases - stock vs. LOS - I usually have the energy saving mode activated.

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Yes you are correct, sorry.

I’m on stock rom latest version. The experience is pretty big. Everything runs smooth. The performance setting in battery is missing in stock offcourse. Is the stock defaulting to performance maybe?

I switched from /e/OS to the official Lineage OS during the weekend. I do not need MicroG and I find pure Lineage OS suits my needs perfectly.
Performance is much better than in /e/OS.
I missed the function to be able to deactivate the second sim card in /e/OS . I miss it in Lineage OS too. :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot @dk1978


If you find time, please try to diagnose your system load on LineageOS as suggested in my post above. It does not seem to be a general problem, and I am happy to respond via PM if you want to follow up.

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The SIM switches were present in /e/ Pie and I too miss them in LOS Q.

@vthejay , did you come to LOS Q from /e/ Q?

@dk1978 , maybe the per-SIM switch was removed from LOS sources when it went from Pie to Q?

Edit: LOS Q did bring me stereo audio in recorded videos, which I consider a big gain over the mono audio in /e/ (and probably LOS) Pie :grinning:

Yes. I never had /e/ Pie. I got my Fairphone 3 in Dezember. I straight away installed /e/Q.
I read somewhere that this was actaully removed in LOS in /Q/. :slight_smile:

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I switched to LOS with microg from /e/. Also huge improvement in performance here. Spotify needed more than 10 seconds until the start up logo disappeared, on LOS I’m around 3 secs. Most apps start up faster and also scrolling is less laggy.

Thanks for the answer. I do have a question. Last week I flashed about six times a ROM including restoring via backup. How much wear has the flash memory because of this? Do I need to worry about it?

Hi all,

I’m on lineageos with microg 16.0. I flashed it before the 17.1version was available.

Can I just do as follow (Upgrade LineageOS on FP3 | LineageOS Wiki) and upgrade without losing any data? Or do I need to wipe all my data before upgrading?


I’m not sure but I would say to erase data and flash the new ROM to avoid issues.

I successfully used the May 10 update.

Had to press Power for 10 s to force a reboot after touching the ‘Reboot’ field in the updater dialog… has anyone had to do that as well?

Hi! I have also encountered this since first installing LOS17.1 a few update cycles ago. For some reason I think the battery depletes rather quickly when the device is powered off. I’ve found my battery completely drained and the device unable to boot a few times after leaving the device powered off over night. I’d be interested to know if this happened to anyone else. Otherwise it works like a charm.

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