Official LineageOS 17.1 for Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+

K9-mail from F-droid has a strange displaying behavior. The top and bottom bars start blinking frequently. Apart from that, it is usable. I am using the MicroG version installed with TWRP.

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If I remember right I need a migration zip to go from unofficial to official? It’s been long ago i needed that, where can i get one for this migration?

I don’t think you need a migration build. Just try a dirty flash.


Thanks. Update is scheduled for Saturday :slight_smile: still on unofficial

Off topic: For the transition from CyanogenMod to LineageOS, a transition zip was required AFAIK. In my career of flashing custom ROMs, it was the only time I ever needed to do that.

AFAIK a migration zip was used for passing from 14.1 unofficial to official and 15.1 unofficial to official on FP2. See here:

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I’m remembering it this way also, migration from unofficial to official, to account for the new keys. Still, it might be possible to ignore the change of keys… Will see tomorrow

Yup, this zip was however specific for my unofficial build to the official one. Won’t work for this transition. Maybe the maintainer for the unofficial FP3 build could do the same trick as I did back then (probably the zip is still usable and only the values in the script need to be changed).
I can’t test it as I don’t have the device, else I would have helped :slight_smile:


I installed the first build and so far it’s working very well! :+1:

The only problem that I noticed is that I can’t play Ogg audio files (tried the built-in music player and Odyssey). Did anyone else run into this?

I confirmed that the LineageOS built-in music app (Eleven) can’t play ogg vorbis files, although some apps (such as Firefox) were working. The problem appears to be known. I was able to fix it by modifying some of the audio configuration files - it appears the the device was trying to use hardware codecs to play this format which did not work.

Fix will be included in the builds next week.


Hi all, I’m new to FP3 and never “rooted” a device to install another OS like LOS. Is there a good guide you’d recommend for getting started? Thank you :slight_smile:
Last but not least, is it really worth tinkering with LOS, compared to FPOS?

Rooting the device is something different than installing an alternative OS.
How to do it is explained in the official LineageOS page for FP3.
If it’s worth, well, you’ve to decide… You’ll quite move away from Google services and will get a community driven alternative to standard OS… And “tinkering” with it you’ll probably learn a lot about your device…


Awesome, thanks for saving my music collection! :headphones:

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Dirty install went without problems, it seems!

Did you happen to add (t)exfat already for the external sd card, or is it not there yet?


The exfat driver is included with the kernel. I remember that you asked for it. :laughing:


Great! Thanks. Didn’t know whether you got the time to include it already… Time to migrate the data again:-)

With k9 i have a strange flickering when it displays a mail. Not always, and not immediately, but after the third mail or so the frames on top and bottom flicker for some time, then it’s gone. Like some updating of the display. Haven’t seen it anywhere else up to now

Yes, that should be technically possible if LOS provides an appropriate vbmeta partition that is signed using google test-keys (Just like the e-folks do).

AFAIK having secure-boot disabled “just” disables the verification of the sbl, which will however still verify the rest of the boot-chain.

Thanks, that helps!

How can I check if it is signed using google test-keys?
Is this a reliable way:

avbtool.py info_image --image vbmeta.img
Minimum libavb version: 1.0
Header Block: 256 bytes
Authentication Block: 576 bytes
Auxiliary Block: 2432 bytes
Public key (sha1): 2597c218aae470a130f61162feaae70afd97f011
Algorithm: SHA256_RSA4096
Rollback Index: 0
Flags: 1
Rollback Index Location: 0
Release String: ‘avbtool 1.1.0’

It seems that ‘2597c218aae470a130f61162feaae70afd97f011’ is indeed indicating a google test key [1], however I am a bit doubtful, as basically every image I tested seems to use that key, including the official Fairphone image…

I guess I should simply bite the bullet and try it, but I am trying to avoid bricking my phone (or needing to resort to complex unbricking procedures) :slight_smile:

[1] https://android.googlesource.com/platform/external/avb/+/5abd6bc2578968d24406d834471adfd995a0c2e9/test/avb_slot_verify_unittest.cc

Yes, fairphone also use the google test-keys AFAIK.
I’d say backup your data and give it a go.
Worst case you’ll have to unlock it again.