Occasional issues in activating screen of my fp5


I am writing to report that occasionally (maybe 1 every 100 unlock attempts approx) when touching the power button the display fails to activate and stays black. When this happens, haptic feedback still works (I can feel the phone reacting to buttons, but the screen stays black).
Rarely, it’s possible to make the screen “resurrect” by touching other buttons, but in most cases I would detach the back and battery in order to reboot the phone so to be able to use it again :frowning:

This now happens to me maybe every second day or so. Am I the only one experiencing this? The device is updated, running Android 13 last updated on 5/9/2023.


No, I definitely have the same issue. I still try to find out what’s the problem. Sadly no more info from me yet. I am still trying to find out what happens.

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I also have this exact issue. I could restart the device by holding in the power for a long time, like 10 seconds. Slightly better than removing the battery at least.

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Hey @zeitmeister @fpuser2, thanks both for your feedback and @zeitmeister I will try the workaround suggestion!

Anyway, now that the issue is confirmed I have added this thread to https://forum.fairphone.com/t/known-reproducible-and-reported-issues-of-the-fairphone-5/ for additional visibility.
In addition today I got and installed a security update, looking forward to checking if it had any beneficial effect on behavior.

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Oh, glad to know I’m not the only one experiencing this. I opened a thread with the same issue, though my theory at the time was that it had something to do with bluetooth. Turns out, not. Its still too random and I cant reproduce.
I have however managed to resurrect it once by disconnecting the bluetooth device I had connected at the time, and an other time, plugging in and unplugging the charger also made the phone wake back up.

The only consistency ive managed to notice so far, is that i had youtube open both times. Cant say for sure if it has anything to do with video playback.

Thanks @Nabalazs! For what it’s worth, my problem was not related to YouTube at all. Plugging and unplugging a charger wouldn’t work for me. Interesting that you note that could correlate with bluetooth, I often use headphones and I will try to switch them off to see if that has any effect in case the problem pops up again after today’s update.

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BTW: i don’t have this problem on my FP5 used from 19.9.
with or without connected BT headphone or speaker
phone/screen can be always switch on using power/fp button or tap2wake

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Also realized that this is a duplicate of Fairphone 5 freezes repeatedly
I didn’t search for “freeze” and hence I created a new issue. Will update the wiki (see above) with that link as well.

When its the same I will close here, please all use the other topic moving forward