🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Oberklasse-Fairphone (High-End-Fairphone)

Option #2 is not within our scope, so we can safely disregard it.

Option #1 needs to be put into context. Consider a new Fairphone iteration. It would have to be build and tested. By the time it is available for release, we’d be 2 years later. At that point, the current high-range hardware is mid-range (for price/performance). So if you buy a mid-range smartphone in 2022, you actually buy a high-range smartphone you’d have bought in 2020. It follows that the FP3, from 2019, is a “high-range smartphone of 2017”. But a new FP4 is going to come out in say 2023, 4 years after the release of FP3, which was also released some 4 years after the FP2.

You could also compare the price of FP3 (450 EUR) to the price of FP2 (530 EUR). Disregarding inflation, is FP3 lower quality than FP2 because it is lower price? It is more powerful.

It follows that a new mid-range Fairphone in 2022 or 2023 or whatever is going to be far more powerful. And at some point, good is good enough. Do you really need a 4k screen with 144 Hz refresh rate on a smartphone? Or does 1080p with 90 Hz suffice? I guess you’re saying the Fairphone isn’t high quality enough. Again, what are you missing out on?

Rugged smartphone might be better then. They’re easier to make waterproof as well, though more difficult to repair (and keep waterproof).

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Ok, das ist jetzt nur eine Umfrage + es gibt sicher auch noch mehr und womöglich mit anderen Ergebnissen, aber hier wollen nur 5% mehr als 500€ für ihr Smartphone ausgeben:

Ja klar, da steht ja auch “wollen”.

Aber schau mal wie viele dieser 800-1000€ I-Phones dann doch immer wieder auf’s Neue verkauft werden.

Und es wird ja auch erwähnt, dass teurere Mobil-Tarife durchaus gewählt werden um die besten Handys anfangs mal “gratis” oder günstiger dabei zu haben.

Ok, don’t get me wrong.
I like my FairPhone very much.
What this Company is doing here is great.
But I would like to buy a phone like an I-Phone maybe(less reboots, no hot battery, powerful, and not that Gameboy-Feeling in your hands), but produced in fair and sustainable conditions!
And for that 1000€ would be “FAIR”.

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I don’t have an FP yet, my “old” OnePlus 6 still does the job until the battery dies … So I can only tell what I expect/need, pick those that FP3 can’t do yet :wink:

  • HDMI output (is missing on OP6)
  • 3.5 jack (bt headsets always die when you don’t need it)
  • Blutooth Support for car systems (telphone …)
  • sd card for memory and be able to share folders without rooting (not possible on OP6)
  • great camera (insurance proof pics = my buisness case, workx for OP6)
  • full support for all banking apps (no lineage or rooting …)
  • 2 SIM possible
  • 5G when available (yes, I have a case for this …)
  • being able to replace battery / screen / camera “on the fly” (things that business notebooks do offer, not Apple btw)
  • multiple user profiles (eg. differentiate between private, business and “kids” use)
  • as stable as possible = yes, I would pay for “special support” and extra software! Actually that’s how I earn my money :wink:
  • Hotspot and VPN support
  • no bloadware
  • having a kind of calm confidence when spending money for the device :smiley:


I actually hope the next Fairphone is going to be even cheaper , so that more people can afford it.

I would say "I hope the next FP has more configuratione options / is more flexible so that more people are going to buy it.

But I see your point but I doubt that FP is a product that needs a low price to be sold. Thinking & buying “fair” is unfortunately a 1st world option

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You are right.
But i think it should be possible to buy one middle-class phone for a “normal price” (like it is now).
And on the other side there should be a “more expansive” high-class-model for those people who want to and can afford it! (I am sure there is a market for this)

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I guess, first of all, the Fairphone 3 has to become really successful. They have to reach the target to sell 100k phones a year and make the brand known in the market.
Then - and in my opinion only then - can they start selling more than one phone.

Maybe the announcement on August 27th will help the brand.
Another device like a (modular) FairTab would most likely be a mark and a signal to be recognized (at least more, than just another phone - in my opinion).

So, my bet would be, that another or an additional phone is still a few years away.
But, of course, I might be totally wrong (possibly proved wrong in 4 days time already :grin: