Not every USB-C cable will work with FP3


The Fairphone loves to be charged through a 4-threaded cable (data and charging).
A 2-threaded cable (just charging) isn’t normally working on a Fairphone.


Here’s a HN thread about Raspberry Pi 4 WiFi stops working at 2560 x 1440 screen resolution. The discussion includes some possible interferences on 2.4 GHz. Bad quality USB 3 cables are often found to be the culprit (as already discussed on forum as per Intel’s research). Solution: get good shielded cables, or stick to 5 GHz.

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The Lenovo 65W charger from my Laptop works very well, including quick charging.


I cancelled my cable because I did not want to delay my phone deliveries. I got standard cables from an electronics vender that work fine.

I also got a timy USB-C to USB mini adapter. Its about 15mm long and works fine. I can not say about fast loading, but with this i can use all my old cables and adapters and even when I forgot my charger, I can surely borrow one. This tiny adapter is small enough to fit in a purse, so its easy to carry it with out at all times.

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I canceled the USB cable from my FP3 order because I got fed up about the fact that the out-of-stock USB cable was the reason I had been waiting for my FP3 for almost three weeks.

Searching for “IF-certified USB” cables is cumbersome, but most shops use the marketing term “Superspeed+” as seen in the logo:


Is it safe to buy a “Superspeed+” cable even though the product description doesn’t say “USB IF certified” OR doesn’t show the logo?

Edit: CS just told me that the shipment center has a USB cable for me and that they will ship my FP3 asap.

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I just checked the USB organisations homepage on:

And they offer for download USB Logo Usage Guidelines (7.42 MB pdf-file).
On page 1 is an overview of the logos.
The Superspeed logo is listed as “USB performance-only”, while there are special “Certified USB Charger Logos” as well.
The basic explanation for using those logos can be found on page 15:

Judging from that, I would say, that the Superspeed logo does not include IF-certification of the charger.
The charger logo looks like this:

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Thanks for searching for that document. I was talking about cables. For these the document says:

The SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps Logo must be used solely in conjunction with Product that signals at 10 Gbps, that has been submitted to and passed the USB-IF Test Procedure for SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps products, and that has been posted on the USB-IF Integrators List.

So “SuperSpeed” should be a synonyme for “USB-IF certified”… :thinking:


For random geekery, was testing things :stuck_out_tongue:

LG G5 charger - Fast charging
Lenovo 65w charger - Fast charging
Lenovo 65w charger connected to laptop, USB-C double-ended cable in the second port to the FF3 (laptop off) - charging
Lenovo 65w charger connected to laptop, USB-C double-ended cable in the second port to the FF3 (laptop powered on) - slow charging
Laptop to FF3 via USB-C (no charger connected) - charging (Laptop used as a fairly ludicrous USB battery bank :wink: )

Turns out there are three charging rates, that i did not know!


The funny story with this magic cable is, it seems not be available at all currently.
Open FP3 orders, which include the cable are stuck are waiting for this cable

Well, my guess would be, that much more people than anticipated ordered the charger and cable with their FP3.
And now they have to arrange for a new production circle and way more now, which might cause the problems, if the actual contract needs readjustment. :wink:

What! Now who would come to this bugger!.

And for this to find out we have all of these “electromagnetic susceptibility regulations” ??

It rather looks like many of these regulations are going to waste with each new technical step forward.
But again I have to say, if it comes to cables I often wonder of what bad quality many are made of and still they show signs/logos of being certified (who ever had his/her fingers in the game to give this certification at last).
I sometimes wonder if there is always (electric grade) copper used at all.

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I know there is already this topic, but I wanted to warn new users:

I just got my FP3. Luckily everything works, as far as the SW is concerned (which is already a bummer - you pay 450 euros, you wait a month or so, and you have also to hope that the phone works)

What I cannot get my head around is, why on the earth you don’t write that NOT every cable will work with the phone.

You CANNOT simply write that the phone won’t come with a cable and charger, while not warning that other cables might not work.

I have an additional Huawei Honor 20, which arrived a couple of days before the FP3 (Android dev here), and that cable simply does not work. So I went out to buy one, which worked when the clerk tried it on. Then I arrived home, attached to charge, worked 2 seconds and the LED went dark.

Fortunately the shi*ty charger of the Bluetooth headphones works.

Now if I want a regular cable what should I do, keep buying different ones till any of them works?

You must be out of your mind by selling stuff like that.

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Creating duplicate topics isn’t doing anyone a favor. It will just mean that people will only find parts of the information gathered on the forum.


Not everyone goes down 50 replies though.

EDIT: and I added new information. They need to specify on the website that when you buy the phone, not every cable will work (as they left intended). You will have to wait to discover it when it arrives.

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Hi, I bought the first USB-C cable with the FP3, and it worked. However, some cables USB-C I had dis not plug in correctly, and I bought another cable while traveling, which did not work either :frowning: Reason? The insulation of some cables is too thick to fit into the corresponding hole of the shock-protection sleeve of the FP3. So, simple fix: remove the sleeve for charging, or test the cable in the shop. And contrary with micro-USB, with USB-C there should be a distinct “click” when plugging the cable correctly.
All in all, a purely mechanical problem.

It’s not purely mechanical …

I have to say that the charging compatibility with the FP3 is a bit underwhelming.
One example:
USB-C 45w charger + packaged cable: rapid charging
Same cable on a Thinkpad P51/52: slow charging
Same cable & Laptop but Motorola Z4 instead of FP3: rapid charging

Thanks for the link.
I have a USB current/voltage measurement device. I’ll test with various cables/chargers. It will be interesting to see which charges the phone configures to use 9V instead of 5V.

I think the FP idea of “saving ressources” failed with that usb C cable issue.

I am definitely not the only one who

  • can’t reuse my old phone’s cable (that worked perfectly with my qc3 charger cable combination.)
  • sent my phone back to repair, because I tested it with three not supported cables. Got it back fully charged. yay.
  • bought new cables (cheap, branded QC3). Still not working. Creating more and more waste of resources.

They better should have sold the phone for 460€ including a cable, saving up all that logistic and support trouble they are experiencing with this cables.



Too late, I have a FP2 that I’m going to give to my mom and ordered a FP3, now I have it but I didn’t notice that the connector was different, I don’t have any cable USB-C and the one in FP shop is Out of stock! I can’t change my phone…:sob: