USB-C cable not working

I know there is already this topic, but I wanted to warn new users:

I just got my FP3. Luckily everything works, as far as the SW is concerned (which is already a bummer - you pay 450 euros, you wait a month or so, and you have also to hope that the phone works)

What I cannot get my head around is, why on the earth you don’t write that NOT every cable will work with the phone.

You CANNOT simply write that the phone won’t come with a cable and charger, while not warning that other cables might not work.

I have an additional Huawei Honor 20, which arrived a couple of days before the FP3 (Android dev here), and that cable simply does not work. So I went out to buy one, which worked when the clerk tried it on. Then I arrived home, attached to charge, worked 2 seconds and the LED went dark.

Fortunately the shi*ty charger of the Bluetooth headphones works.

Now if I want a regular cable what should I do, keep buying different ones till any of them works?

You must be out of your mind by selling stuff like that.

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