Not every USB-C cable will work with FP3


Just go to a shop and try out a cable before buying.
I bought a cable through Fairphone and one in a computer shop for charging in my car.
The one from the computer shop doesn’t charge fast, but good enough.


Just buy any USB-C cable which explicitly has “USB-IF certified” in the specs (that’s important).
Or try whether a micro USB -> USB-C adapter works with your existing cable(s).


Only when you want to use Quick Charge 3.0 you need a “USB-IF certified” cable.
Yes with Quick Charge 3.0 you can charge quicker, but normal charging is better for the battery.

If you follow my link you can see that I personally had non-USB-IF-certified cables with which charging was almost not possible. Better safe than sorry :wink: .

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Well I didn’t post a link, but I can charge my phone with a cable from Delock for 10 euro’s without any problem.
So it’s try before you buy, which I did.

Ok, so it’s try before you buy … or if you can’t try because you want to or need to order online, go for USB-IF certified :slight_smile: .

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My friend got FP3+ and bought Huawei USB to USB C cable. This cable doesn’t work. This is the second time that I saw Huawei cable not working so my advice is to stay away from all Huawei cables. With this cable FP3+ when turned off is constantly going into reboot loop. I didn’t dare to try to plug it in my FP3 when turned off.

FYI, I went to Ikea when I received my Fairphone 3 (I already had a Nintendo Switch charger but it turned out not to be convenient to use it for both devices, plus it’s big and can’t be used as a cable only), and bought their USB-C cable, and it works like a charm. Not really fast charging (it’s not USB-IF), bit for 5€ you get a good quality 1.5m cable.

I’ve got a doubt on two cables that are sold in the shop, can you check this please?


While I can’t answer the question about the difference between the cables, you can safely assume a cable sold in the Fairphone shop works with an FP3 or FP3+.

The FP3(+) uses USB 2.0 over a USB-C connector to communicate with a computer in any case, so a ‘USB 2.0’ cable is an oxymoron here. It would be interesting to know though whether any cables would support USB 3.0/3.1 data transfer, but the FP3(+) won’t take advantage of that if available.


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