Out of stock: FP3 USB cable

Apparently, finding a Fairphone 3 cable is a tricky exercise. I’m a bit surprised, therefore, that Fairphone’s own brand cable is out of stock.

Of course this can happen, but it’s really annoying now that two promotions (free earphones & money-back upon old device return) are coming to an end. This means I’m not able to buy a cable now, and if I could buy one later, I’d have to pay 6,50 delivery costs just for a cable of 19,50.

I think FP shoul offer the possability to pre-order & -pay basic accessories (cover, plug, cable) when they’re out of stock and you’re ordering a phone.

As an alternative, you could check resellers. For example Vireo has the cable in stock and also participates in the free earphones campaign.

That doesn’t solve the cashback problem, though.
But then, buying a cable at a reseller might give you slightly lower shipping costs (for Vireo it starts at 4.90€) compared to the Fairphone shop.


There are two USB cables in the shop (none of them is available at the moment):

https://shop.fairphone.com/en/usb-c-cable-2 (name: USB-C 2.0 Cable)
https://shop.fairphone.com/en/usb-c-cable (name: USB-C Cable)

Price is the same and both are compatible with FP3/3+ and not with FP1/2. According to the description the second one is also compliant to USB 2.0 so I can’t understand what’s the difference between them.

Does anybody know?



From the mere descriptions I think the main difference is that the upcoming cable is described as using recycled nylon.

Both have the sentence “The Fairphone USB-C 2.0 Charging Cable is reinforced with braided, 100% recycled nylon for enhanced durability”, the first one at the beginning, the second one at the end.

That’s a brief preview of the upcoming cable.

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Sorry, what do you mean by “upcoming cable”?

My interpretation is that the USB-C 2.0 Cable is the new (upcoming) cable and that it will replace the “old” USB-C Cable. It seems unlikely to me that Fairphone would keep offering two cables that seem to have so little differences.

Anyway, I already sent a request to someone at Fairphone at the weekend to get clarifications about the differences. However, I heard I will probably not hear back before next week (i.e. after New Year).


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