Not enough storage to install Twitter?

Recently upgraded to Android 10. Uninstalled Twitter after it became impossible to Quote Tweets (could Like or ReTweet). Unable to reinstall due to “apparent” lack of storage. Have over 1GB available. Twitter is 44 MB…Also now getting permanent message that my uSD card is “missing”. Despite Settings showing Storage being available on it…all a bit flaky ? Any suggestions ? Thanks

This sounds very much like the frequent problems with microSD cards set up as internal storage (the wording might be “extended internal storage” or similar). Your card is setup like this if the words “portable storage” are missing from Settings > Storage. Under Android 10, the “internal” setup of SD cards causes all sorts of saving and storage issues. You are strongly advised to re-format the card as “portable storage”, see ✏ A little guide to... using SD cards

Furthermore, just 1GB left is definitely way too full. I would always keep 10-20% of your internal storage free.


Thanks for this. When I saw two instances of SD card not inserted - I took a punt and decided to “Forget them” both. The messages went away, and low and behold Twitter was able to install. Have noted your comment re portable storage. Sounds like I need to reformat. Had bought the uSD card to shift photo content from internal storage to uSD. Then discovered you can’t tell the camera to automaticallystore photos on the uSD card…

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