Noisy coloured pixels on my Fairphone 2

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Hi all,

Unfortunately I have the same problem since Monday. My FP2 froze when I added a contact. Rebooting gave first only a black screen, later on the famous noise or snow appeared. The phone is still working however, it can be charged and turned off and on. The upper right led does function.

Because I was travelling I only removed the screen today and cleaned the connectors with a dry whipe. Unfortunately it didn’t help. When bending the screen (as suggested earlier in the thread) some changes in the screen appeared (see picture), but still only noise and snow.

It crashed one week after I entered the Philippines, maybe the humidity or heat played a role? I also added a local sim one week before it crashed.

Do you have any tips for either cleaning the connectors again (or with alcohol?) or for how to best bend the screen to make it work again?
I really hope it’s not the motherboard. It’s very inconvenient.

Any tips how to back-up data from the phone without a functioning screen are also welcome.

Many thanks in advance!


I am having the same Problem.

I just tried another Screen-module but it showed the exact samt pixel-Screen as before.
So this can definitely be ruled out.