Noisy coloured pixels on my Fairphone 2

Got me a new display.
That solved it. :smiley:
Updated to the new OS version. Worked perfectly, except, it became quite hot again during that update.
Will get my ticket closed, as I dropped the phone and don’t expect (or deserve) a refund.

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I dropped my phone on carpet, whilst it had its extra felt cover on, but the screen has colour pixelated. It looks the same as the photos above. I guess something has dislodged.

I tired to take the advice of removing the display and putting it back on again. But even though I have a Fairphone 2 the blue connectors are different to the ones in the video. One of them is not possible to slide as another piece of plastic is in the way. One of them slides fine. Does anyone have any ideas how to do this?

Sounds like either you didn’t remove the battery first or it’s stuck because of the fall. Could you take a picture of your sliders?

It’s the one on the right I can’t get to to slide the one on the left slides fine.

Thank you

Sorry other way around the picture came out backways!

It looks like they both slid just fine, but you still have to remove the rim of the cover.

I can only slide one, the other (in the photo) is covered too much by the silver bit

I can’t get a nail in there and I don’t want to start poking it with something sharp in case I break something.

You have to remove the black rim to get to it.


How do I do that? It wasn’t mentioned in the video.

When I first had the phone I had the same issue with the screen and we couldn’t set the display off then either. I read about connection issues in the forum and slightly twisting the phone to fix it. Maybe dropping it has misaligned the same thing again?

Because the video still displays the old cover, but you have the new slim cover.

There isn’t really a video on how to take off the slim cover, but here is a video on how to put in on, so just do that in reverse:

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Thank you I will give that a try and then follow the instructions for taking off and replacing the display. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Thank you so much that worked great. It looks like one of the clips was open from last time I had a similar issue (and couldn’t get the display off) so no wonder it went wrong after being dropped!


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I had the same issue - first intermittently, then one day I couldn’t get out of it.

Yesterday I found this topic and cleaned the contacts - haven’t seen the issue anymore since. Here’s hoping it will stay away!


I had the same problem and here’s what I tried:

Twisting the phone helped for some weeks
Dismounting/rebuilding didn’t work
Cleaning the screen connector with some special spray did help a lot
Add some cupboard to pressurize the screen connector helps too

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Could you share which special spray is that? My brother has this issue occasionaly and this is the only thing we’ve not tested yet.

Hi @letrollpoilu. Please specify which spray you used.

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You mean “cardboard”, right? :slight_smile:

(We have had a Fairphoner in our FB group who successfully tackled the screen and core module connection losing contact by inserting some padding under the core module’s contact area. – Warning: This is not covered by warranty.)


Hey guys,

yes I mean cardboard.
I live in Germany, I just went to a local store and he gave me this: