Noisy coloured pixels on my Fairphone 2

Hi there,
the problem is persisting.
I tried cleaning, removing and mounting the display again. If I’m in a strong need for a working cell phone I have to -sorry, Paul- remove the plastic case. Strange thing, but it works. Sometimes I only press a little harder on the touchscreen and the normal image comes back for a second or two.
That’s unsatisfying.
Anything new experiences or ideas?


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I am currently on holiday in Thailand with my FP2. Worked fine in flight mode for internet and camera for 2 weeks but now only displays static snow on the screen. No trauma happened to phone, literally did it overnight and can now only turn it off by taking battery out. Thinking it may be the humid environment as the FP2 backing case isn’t very close fitting. Any ideas how to fix this / what is happening?


Hello Sldobson!

I had the same problem after a monsoon type rainfall in Shanghai in the middle of the summer (i.e. conditions similar to yours!).
I only had to open the FP2, take out the screen and wipe the connectors with a dry piece of tissue. (Note: In some earlier posts you should find the link to the youtube video showing how to open the FP2 & remove the screen.)
After that I reassembled everything and since then it works perfectly fine!

Good luck & enjoy your time in Thailand!!! :slight_smile:

…and another chime-in!
i’ve had mine for a year now, and suddenly this bullshit starts happening.
twisting changes it most of the times, but not always for the better and always for a short time.
it’s pretty random, sometimes it works fine for 15 minutes, and sometimes it’s just static noise or an unresponsive standby screen.
i took it apart and cleaned the connectors, ofcourse.
all in all this is the fourth major problem this phone has had, and the second that just renders it into a brick. the fact that this topic has lives for a year without any real solution or answer isn’t making me more hopefull or happy with FP as a product and a company.

it’s working now. has been for hours. i’m kinda on edge for it to fail again.

My Impression is, that this is the most plausible explanation. I do have the same problem and can add some Detail, which add to the explanation: All the three times, I experienced this problem, my phone was in my pocket or an outsideisch pocket of my backpack and it was very cold outside and I was outside for more than half an hour.

So ist seems reasonable to conclude: Phone get’s cold = Case and or Parts of the Phone shrink = wrong pressure = mess with connections = noisy pixels (or even blac screen).

I can definately confirm this observation. I swapped my faulty display with a working one from a friend. As soon as I went for a walk outside (5°C) the display/or rather my phone started malfunctioning again. However, this happens up to temperatures of 17°C (yesterday’s outside temperature).

Edit: I take back everything I said about the temperature. This problem also seems to happen when its warm outside (<20°C). I also observed that gently tapping the back of the phone sometimes improves the condition.

I’ve got a “noisy” screen on one of our company phones:

So maybe we can examine this on our next meeting?

Hi there,

I’ve had the same problem for quite a while and tried all the tips mentioned above and probably some more. Nothing really helped (at least not for long).

So I contacted the support about the problem and actually stayed in touch for a long while mailing back and forth about progress or the lack thereof.

When it was clear, that none of the “cleaning” worked, I was asked to send my phone in.

Now I just got of the phone with the support and I was informed that my new (exchanged) phone was on its way to me.

So apart from having to use a spare phone while mine was on the way, fairphone was very helpful and exchanged my product with no problems because of the state it was in (concerning the display problems).

I’m just writing this to let you know that

  1. There might not be a solution for now, if you do have this problem
  2. You should contact support and find out, if they will exchange your phone.

In short: Being in touch with the support worked fine for me.

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i experience the same problems as mentioned above: noisy dots, other weird patterns or nothing at all, though the phone is still on. i realized it for the first time after i had it in my trouser’s back pocket. and obviously as described above the issue seems to be related to some kind of pressure. the display changes for instance when i put some pressure on the side of the back cover. or when i put it into my trousers pockets which i don’t do anymore… after some time the display works again. if it doesn’t the only thing that helps (sometimes…) is to take it out of the cover, restart it and than carefully put it back into the cover. this often needs several attempts, for if there’s too much pressure while doing so the display will go mad again. i tried all the cleaning and taking off the display described above without any success. actually i have some cracks on the display but this was long before i experienced these problems. but i already wanted to buy a new display to see if that would help but had to learn that they are currently not available. so after spending hours on this forum i eventually just sent a mail asking for help. it is the second severe problem i have to deal with since i received the FP2 in january 16.

Also had this for the first time and cleaning the screen connection did work - for now at least - though when I put the battery back in and restarted, it gave me the noise at first and after a few seconds the screen came back - and I nearly gave up so worth being patient with it.

EDIT: 5 hours later and screen went back to noise. Interestingly it was in the middle of playing a podcast and it kept playing fine, so that supports the idea that it is just the connection to the screen - like unplugging a PC’s monitor cable. Looks like a long wait for support is in order.

EDIT2: I got it working once more for a few hours after taking apart and cleaning, then back to noise. Here’s a fun close up of the screen. I actually heard back from support pretty quickly which is good.

I’ve got my FP2 now for about five months. It all started pretty basic when the screen had some tearing issues from time to time and the screen didn’t recognized input while loading (which was easily fixed, at least for a few minutes, by switching the screen off and on again). At that time i was still running the Google contaminated OS. After some time the issues got pretty worse, but by that time I was already running FPOOS, which I heavily customized using Xposed. The screen got noisy as shown in all the pictures here, but not always entirely. Sometimes it was covering the screen over time, sometimes the screen was already covered when I turned it on. I discovered that slipping of the case (regular) from the upper left corner helps a bit. However now the screen is always noisy and there is no chance accessing the device. Of course I’ve already opened the device and cleaned all connections. Any suggestions or should I just contact the support?
-Sorry for my Language, I’m no native speaker-

There is an official Trouble-Shooting for that Problem now. I had the problem yesterday again, did what was told in the Troubleshoot and it works again. Actually it was quite easy. And it feels kinda A-Team-ish … :slight_smile:

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Same problem here, my screen turned “pixelly” two days ago, I tried everything mentioned here, but it doesn’t change anything… Sometimes the screen becomes bright white, and then pixels again.
My phone is completely impossible to use, I have contacted the support, do you know how long it takes for them to answer in general?

General consensus in the forum is that calling Fairphone support is more promising than writing, especially when you are in a hurry.

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Dear all,

I have a problem with my FP2 since two weeks ago that makes it useless (so I am using another mobile phone to ‘survive’). I write now because I was traveling last week.

The problem is that the screen has got crazy: it turns suddenly to grey (with mini-dots, like a TV without good reception), then randomly it appears to be normal (although it has a strange line in the top), then it turns immediately to the grey again, then the screen starts to become green, and finally it is grey until I remove the battery. This things happen in a random order. During this process, I can’t do anything with my phone, it doesn’t respond. When I restart the phone, it appears to be normal, but it starts again with these strange things. I tried to remove the SIM card, but it still works in the same bad way.

Has anyone the same problem? Is there anything that I can do by myself?

I attach some pictures to show you the problem… (the quality of the pictures is not so good but I hope they will help).

Than you very much!


  1. Grey Screen
  2. Screen with a line at the top
  3. Screen becoming green
  4. Grey Screen after 30 minuts of leaving the FP alone

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:

Image 4:

Did you apply the updates, if not, make a backup and then update.
If the problem persists, remove the screen and clean the contact-areas. For more details look here.

I have joined the club; unfortunately. :wink: :frowning:
Dropped the phone and after reboot ther*s just coloured pixels.
Disassembling, cleaning contacts, reassembling did not work out (I have tried really often).

Will start a support ticket now.

So, I am back to my FP1 first edition, that’s still working fine on one of the generic batteries.
Therefore, everything*s fine.

I have the same issue. I have verified my problem to be loose contacts, as the display renders correctly if I apply pressure on the right part of the screen. Cleaning was not a reliable solution. I expect the contact springs to have worn out, or the distance to have increased due to the phone bending in my pocket. Somehow leaving the back cover off solves the issue. This is only a temporary workaround of course. Some more testing indicates that the contacts might actually require less pressure: the moment I apply pressure on the phone without a case, the issue returns. As if the case itself is applying to much pressure on the display contacts.

Any ideas how I can further deduce the root cause?

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Leaving off the back cover only worked so long. Likewise putting a piece of paper between the cover and the body worked for a little while. And somehow this morning everything seemed fine. Despite these workarounds that provide some temporary relieve, the issue keeps returning. Therefore I’ll file a support request.