No sound coming from the phone without reason


I am French, so I hope my explanations will be clear enough.

I received my Faiphone a week ago and since then once per day when I want to listen to a podcast, watch a YouTube video or when an alarm goes on, there is no sound.

Most of the time, it happens when I unplug my headphones. The sound should be coming from the speakers but there is nothing.

I don’t think it could be a hardware issue because when I test the ringtones, there is no problem. Also when I turn off/on the phone, the problem is fixed (temporarily).

By the way, my phone also reboots by itself often without reason.

Thanks a lot for your help !



I also have the new fairphone 3 and have the same problem since two days.
When i regulate the volume the sound is working again. But only when it hits the right loudness treshold.
With the fact that it is also resolved with a reboot I think this is some kind of a softare bug.
I have the latest Firmware installed.

Anyone else with the same symptoms?

Cheers Basti


I have exactly the same issue:
Here is the topic:

I tried a factory reset to no avail


Exact same problem. Hope it will be solved soon.

Everyone who has this issue, please be sure to contact Fairphone for support. This is a community forum that isn’t necessarily frequented by FP staff.

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Different audio issues appeared at some point here (volume, headphone, microphone, …), as @robbert.f says also contact costumer support for diagnosis.

This may be related to a now recognised software issue. Re having to adjust speaker volume triggered by many things including maybe unplugging a headset bluetooth or otherwise.

Please see the following posts
a) A response from Fairphone. If you read the whole topic it may resonate with your issue…

b) You may like to carry out this test and respond to that topic.

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