Microphone not working properly

Same issue. Just tested Messenger call without video, sound was fine. Then made a call with video, sound was weak. Then tested without video, sound ok, turn video on and pooofff, sound almost gone. Seems like a software decision to cut the bottom mic when video is engaged.

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Yes that’s what I have been thinking/saying since I got my phone in Oct 2020. Four updates to the OS but this has not yet been addressed :frowning:

I contact the support and they tell me that the problem is recognized and that the software team is working on it. But no information when this will be solved.


Any update on this.

Or is there a workaround that works reliably, even if it’s rebooting my phone before every call?

Your query is vague as there are many claims of microphone problems, would you provide some detail of what you suffer?

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I have received official notification from Fairphone that this is now a recognised problem and they are working on it.


Apr 8, 2021, 11:40 GMT+2
*Dear *******

Thank you for contacting us, I apologize for the inconvenience this issue is causing you and for any delay in our reply.

It seems your complaint concerning the poor sensitivity of the microphone is due to a software issue. Our Product Team has already been alerted and we are urgently working towards a resolution.

We would appreciate it if you could please allow us a reasonable amount of time to investigate this. We do want to offer some advice and so if possible, as a temporary workaround, we can suggest using a wired or Bluetooth headset when making a call (as your daughter is already doing). We realize this is not ideal so please know your issue has the highest priority to be resolved.


All Calls using apps signal/whatsapp/etc I can hear others but can’t be heard.

I’ve test the microphone (hw test, webpages & calls) and it’s fine.

@RIotingPacifist When you use the hands free option, (WhatsApp etc) try positioning the mic on a desk so you talk above and too the top mic not in your hand held below with the mic pointing a way.

Fairphone are aware see the post before yours here.

You may also get to function better if you turn up the loudspeaker volume, don’t ask me why :slight_smile:

First of all let me state that I support the idea behind the Fairphone. Using fair traded and recycled materials is something every phone manufacturer should try to achieve. Also I absolutely love the fact that the phone is not only one of the easiest to repair on the market but even contains a screw driver in the box!
That being said, I still need a phone that works as a daily driver and currently the FP3 I bought does not achieve that for one reason: The loudspeaker microphone is too quiet.

Backstory: I bought a FP3+ from a local electronics shop as a Christmas present for my grandparents. Their current Samsung Galaxy A5 is on the way out and they’re starting to need a replacement. I set up their new phone and everything seemed fine until they tried to video call my uncle. He complained that he was barely able to hear them and after some trouble shooting I pinpointed the issue to the FP3+.
With a failed Christmas present in my hands I made sure to restore everything to my grandparent’s old A5 and started working on troubleshooting the FP3+.

I read through the forums and found a few answers however in most cases it was either an application keeping control over the microphone or a software update fixing the issue. I made sure that my device was up to date but that did not fix the problem.

Using the device test functionality (*#*#66#*#*) I found out that “Mic2” (the loudspeaker microphone) was way quieter than “Mic1” (the standard “phone call microphone”).

I opened a ticket at Fairphone support via the online troubleshooting tool and after a while got a response. They offered to repair the FP3+, gave me a shipping label and I sent it off to the repair centre (Cordon Electronics in France) for repairs.

I received the repaired phone back a bit later with the repair summary stating that “FP3+ TOPM 12, Black” was replaced. However when testing the phone I noticed that the issue of the loudspeaker microphone being to quiet still persisted. There was a software update available again (FP3.A.0084) but that didn’t solve the issue either.

Here’s a clip showcasing the state of the microphone which a took at this point in time: IMG_2581
(Tested via *#*#66#*#* → Test Single → Microphone on stock ROM without restoring any data first)

I notified Fairphone support and they suggested the best course of action would be to try the repair centre again as they might have overlooked something. I shipped the phone off again and received it back a bit later with the repair summary stating that no fault was detected after performing the required tests.
For comparison, here’s a clip showcasing the issue at this point in time: IMG_2597

I notified support again and they offered to replace the phone entirely. They shipped me a new one (even before I even sent them back my current FP3+), however as it turns out, the device I received was a FP3 (no +). Bit of an inconvenience but at this point I don’t care as long as the device works (can always upgrade the camera later anyway :P).

As it turns out however, different phone, same issue: IMG_2609
But wait, software updates! Performed updates, run test again but same result: IMG_2611

So yeah, this is the current state of affairs for me. I ran the test you can see in the last video yesterday. I haven’t notified support yet.


For FP3(+) owners reading this, can you perform the same test as I did to see whether I’m just getting “lucky”?
To do so dial *#*#*66#*#* then go to Service Tests → Test Single → Microphone and run the tests for both mics like I did. If you could record it and post the results I’d be more than delighted <3

Finally shout-out to Fairphone for at least responding and trying to fix the issue.

Yes that is the common state. The top mic is quieter than the bottom. The idea is that it is a noise cancelling mic when using the phone as a common ear to mouth position and when in hands free it becomes the main mic.

All a bit odd. My ticket refers the same issue that you have but by reference to the issue of being used hands free.

So I wonder why you have an issue with the top mic and you call it the loudspeaker mic. If you problem is using the phone in loudspeaker mode then a) there are other posts about that and b) Fairphone have acknowledged the problem.

Your post may be moved to another topic as it replicates a known issue.

But yes no point in posting audio as the top mic is about a quarter of the volume, if that.


I’ve had the same issue, I’d verify it but for some reason i can’t dial *#*#*66#*#* at the moment.

It’s frustrating as it seems to happen on all apps, the only place people can hear me is on normal phone calls.

You have one too many asterisks it’s

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First of all, many thanks for this info! The fact that this microphone is a lot more quiet when running the functionality test (via *#*#66#*#*) is very misleading and should probably be pointed out on their support site. So far I have made my judgement calls mainly based on this. In fact I haven’t even properly tested my replacement FP3 yet as I thought it still has the same issue as the previous one after testing via *#*#66#*#*. Will update after testing the phone in an actual phone call.

Also thanks for the linked post. I found many posts when combing through the forum describing different issues but your link seems to be the closest to what I’m experiencing.

I had the impression that when switching to hands-free mode (loudspeaker) the FP3 uses the top mic, hence calling it the “loudspeaker microphone”. ^^

OK that makes sense but the quietness is still an issue. I have no problem when it is leant against my computer monitor and I’m talking over the top but in the hand when walking is a problem.

Fairphone had offered my daughter a replacement too and I only downloaded WhatsApp to see the problem she was having.

Bit of a long time bummer this.

I moved the 6 last posts here to avoid duplicate topics.

So checking via a Jitsi video call I can confirm that the replacement FP3 is at least audible in hands-free mode.

However switching the input method from “Speaker” to “Phone” results in a more audible sound for the receiver. So this means my situation now also falls under this issue.

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I was going to contact them about the same issue (microphone sounding distant and too low por people to understand when doing voice calls on all apps) but since you already got this feedback, I’ll just wait for them to solve this situation. Thank you!


Rolled back to 8901.3.A.0054.20200929 following @martine’s discovery in this post and the microphones work as expected again! ^^
I really hope Fairphone can figure out and fix this issue soon.


I really hope Fairphone can figure out and fix this issue soon.

The newest version at the time of writing (8901.3.A.0101.20210420) has not fixed microphone handsfree mode issue for me. Bummer :frowning:

Tested via Jitsi video call. Input device “Phone” picks up the voice louder and clearer than “Speaker” even when at the same distance from the phone.

EDIT: Reflashing and resetting the FP3 to factory defaults and repeating the test did not cause any improvement.

@amoun did you have any success?