No response from FP support after two weeks

On 9th Feb I submitted a support request to the FP website, as my primary microphone has stopped working. (I followed all the advice on the website to try to fix it myself first, without success).
Two weeks later and despite chasing it up by email I haven’t yet received any response.
Can anyone advise me on next steps?


I sent a support request on 4 Feb, and another on 12 Feb. They did eventually get back to me to say that, because I had sent another request, I was moved to the back of the queue. And good luck getting a response on the phone lines. I get ‘average wait time is 2 mins’, then I wait for 5 mins, then they put the phone down on me with ‘please call back later’.
Not a good feeling, when support is overwhelmed. Makes one wonder about the product…
Oh, and all the support suggested was, had I tried fixing the screen myself, and if I had and it hadn’t worked, they would send me details to send the phone to the repair centre. I replied to that a week ago… still awaiting postal details…

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