No connections anymore: no wifi, no mobiledata

Hello everyone,

I am having issues with my fp3 out of the blue this morning: all available data streams are broken. The wifi does not connect to the internet, and mobile data streams do not work, either. This means that I can send sms and do calls, but basically everything else that requires some sort of connection does not work anymore.

Now, the measures obvious to me have been taken. I did not fumble on any settings before, wifi works like a charm for every other device, on both 2.4 and 5ghz. Reboots did not change anything. The DevOptions WLAN test says “connect faild” (incl. the typo :slight_smile: ) for both bands. No access restrictions of any kind in the router. No recent updates, no nothing. I did not change the carrier preferences, as I really don’t know what this is in the first place.

The fp3 is running on the latest OS update from a couple weeks back. It is missing most unnecessary google components, I have kept gsf, gms, ims, and webview, though.

I don’t really have a clue what has happened, but i am pretty sure it is related to my device :slight_smile:

Any hints are appreciated!


Arrrgh, no one? anyone? This is such a weird problem, I am really out of options here, trying to use some basic fixes for each connection type. But the fact that both types, wifi and mobile, run flawlessly on other devices (like my partner’s FP2 running with the same network/carrier) makes it highly unlikely (to mymind) that my problem is caused by anything on these ends…

As for the mobile connection I have now

but no luck. I am also looking at my latest bug report of about 200.000 lines, which looks impressive but does not tell me anything because I don’t know how to read it properly…

I don’t have a good idea at the moment. Maybe you can try setting up a WiFi hotspot on your partner’s FP2 and try to connect to that.

In any case I would in addition use the official support to get this sorted, i.e. first check the self-diagnose tool and then open a support ticket with all the information you have.

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That’s why it’s hard to come up with something.

Thanks for your help!

@Ingo : I have tried different wifis already, no luck (forgot to mention that, sorry)

@AnotherElk : I am not sure if I understand what you mean, but I did not try “Safe Mode” for troubleshooting my problem. Will do immediately!

I was also just thinking if I might use this mess and switch to LOS , which I want to do, anyway…

Many thanks!

LOS for the FP3 isn’t really ready yet.

The “normal” LOS is still in development: LineageOS 16 for FP3 development

You could install a GSI version, but that version is no longer maintained and has a security patch level of October 2019 if I remember correctly: [HOW TO] Flash a custom ROM on FP3 with GSI

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Re LOS: Yes, that’s true. I did check up on the development, as I had seen some major improvements, but we’re not there yet…

Update from my Safe Mode Test, fwiw: No changes IN Safe Mode, but after rebooting to Standard Mode, GUI outout has switched. Before and within SafeMode, Wifi said “no Internet” and mobile said 4G as if everything was alright. Now after SafeMode, this has switched: Wifi says it’s ready, but mbile data says “no internet”. Dav and podcast feeds also try to update, but the result is the same: No connections, no updates…

Guess I’ll go and open a ticket

What about your data allowance?

Ah, good point, but I have checked this: Data allowance is fine

Do you get 3G/4G signal? Have you tried to force it from the settings? The fact that you can’t access internet even with wifi tells me this is not a hardware issue.

Ah, yes, I have tried to force 2G/3G/4G, and also turned Enhanced 4G off. This is what was recommended in the article I linked above…

What can you see in your status bar when you try to access internet? This is what I see:



This. If I turn wifi off, there’s also the mode (4G). No up- or downstream indicators, though

Try this
The mast might be faulty, try to connect from a different location, as far from home as possible.
Check if you have mobile data cap limit.

I assume you have tried factory reset.

I checked with the network yesterday aleady, no issues. Also, there are two more devices in my household that are on the same network and work without problems… No cap limit

I did not do a factory reset yet, but I might as well after I tried SafeMode :frowning: . You need to re-configure some apps after this, which sounds all right at first. But without any data streams, this rendered the phone even more useless when DavX is affected. So now I can talk to unknown persons on the phone, but not much else :slight_smile:

If you have any unusual software installed on your phone more so the reason to reset to the “clean slate”.

Unusual software like fdroid and DavX? :slight_smile:

I had the same problem yesterday. Did you already check your DNS settings? I changed my DoT service and connections worked immediately.

I’m not sure I understand this: DNS settings are available only as
“private DNS mode”, which is set to “OFF”? And what is DoT?

Okay he is the biggy . . .
Get your little screw driver.
Take off your bumper.
Un clip your back cover.
unscrew all the screws (put them somewhere safe.)
Unscrew your cellular/WiFi module give it a blow >>>
Cross your fingers, say a prayer, sacrifice a dove… (
you choose your desired method of atonement)
put it all back together again.

Honest rationality ( it’s a modular system sometime things just “wiggle” lose)

Best of luck, may God/s go with you!