No 3G and no www at all except at home with WIFI (Sweden)

At some day my web connection has gone. Since then I do not have 3G outside of my WLAN and no web at all. And no Google Maps of course. Is there a way to refresh? Not nice in my case, because sync with Mac is still poor, and some addresses might get lost. When connecting to the Mac, a window with android fils transfer appears. Can I also pull these addresses down and upload them after reinstallation?
This might be a way.

Do you mean you’re unable to get access to the internet on 3G?

If that’s the case, I would suggest checking your operators internet settings against those setup on your phone. The APN settings are here

Hi Chris_R, I can’t reach the web at all, wether “3G” nor “E” nor anything else. At the beginning I had connection to all services. So something might have changed backstage.
Just right now I called my provider (vodafone D2), we went through the menu, reached APN but ally these settings were not highlighted. We made clear that all my account settings were alright (Internet Flat) but during the phonecall we couldn`t set anything. I then restarted the phone, looked again at my settings, started with “SIM Verwaltung”, realized, that SIM Info was set to “off”, Dataconnection also was set to “off”, changed all these and guess what - everything is fine now again. Might be that for battery life saving I turned off Data connection or is it something else, that is possible? But anyway Chris_R, thanks for help and patience. Do you also have an idea for the FP-Case? But this is another thread I guess.

hi. I actually had the same problem. and every time i had it, restarting the phone settled the issue. but I can’t see my self restarting my phone because I didn’t want 3G at some stage (night for example)
I would suggest an update

If you turn on flight mode and turn it off immediately afterwards, SIM detection should restart. Does this work for you?

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Same problem with my AND my wife´s Fairphone. With hers, happens also with WiFi. And the problem has appeared only recently. After the phone has been on WiFi, 3G icon appears but it does not work. Sometimes it works if flight mode is turned on and then off, but most often the phone must be restarted.

Also: the phone now and then stops functioning – no calls, no internet, just disconnects from everything, kind of looses the simcard and can then only be fixed with a restart.

Stefan, yes it did work. it’s a helpfull solution.
I wish that a update would be worked on so we don’t have to go through “try this or that” type of solutions.

I believe in the project, but I do think also that a OS should be stable… dear geeks up in Netherlands or else where, could you please look at it closely so your dear customer would be even happier.

thanx for France

@Sverker_Finnstrom & @judicael_poyeton: Consider requesting a new SIM card from your operator. Sometimes this issues occur with old SIM cards.

When you have done so, please post back, if it resolves the problems.

New SIM card did not solve the problem. This is a problem that has appeared only recently, on both my and my wife´s FP (we both have the first version). To recap: when going from WiFi to 3G (e.g. leaving home), the 3G icon does appear, but the internet connection does not work (so at times you don’t realize that the phone is malfunctioning). Even worse, occasionally the phone (making and receiving calls) itself malfunctions. The suggested “solution” — well, sometimes it suffices to turn on and off flight mode, but more often the phone has to be restarted. I consider the phone to be rather useless if not a system update fixes this soon. Cannot make/receive calls/disconnects in the middle of ongoing calls. Cannot access Internet… Not a very smart phone.

Do you remember when exactly the issues started? Was it after doing an upgrade to FP OS? Or after you and your wife installed some apps? (E.g. Google Play Store).

This information could be really useful!

The problem appeared after the OS update, yes, but not immediately after. No, we have not installed any new apps that caused this. Before the OS update, there was still this problem with the malfunctioning phone. Somewhere else on this forum I saw someone mentioning that the email program worked even when internet did not (have tried different browsers). Today it was the same for me. Other apps do not work because no 3G connection (even if the icon says so).

Today the phone restart did not even help this problem. This must be solved now, as it is now, the phone is useless.

So the email app works??? Then we should work out the similarities between your and @kgha’s case.

This is the thread you mean:

Yes, seems to be some kind of similarity between these 2 cases. But I backtracked what I have done in recent days.
First, when the problem became too frequent, I did this, very carefully (a manual set up of 3G/Internet):
It didn’t really help. Did basically nothing.
Then I got a new SIM card, following your advice. And things eventually worsened (after like one day). So I erased the manual setting, went back to the one I had before. And now it works better. So far (a few hours) it connects promptly to the mobile internet when I disconnect the wifi.No need for restart or even flight mode on/off. Works just fine.
I will keep an eye on this tomorrow, when I will be away from the wifi, you see, the problem used to appear after a few hours on mobile internet. That is also when the (voice) phone started to misbehave (disconnecting during calls etc). Or when I checked the phone after an hour or so only to see that the SIM card had disconnected completely… after restart, there are all these sms messages from my operator on missed calls…

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Hi Sverker,
your name suggests that you (as I) live in Sweden. Are you (as I) on Telia? If so, maybe you can use what I’ve written in my other thread regarding APN settings.

Hi kgha, yes, I am in Sweden, with Telia, which by the way, is a major (and expensive… not daughter) operator. I saw your thread, but I was somehow lost, it is becoming too complicated for me. Anyway.with a new SIM card and abck to the phone’s (?) default settings, as I wrote in my previous port, it seems to again work (at least for one day now). Strange though, because my previous SIM card wasn’t very old. But this thing/problem is tricky, as it tends to appear only now and then. Right now, ok again. Will keep you informed.

APN settings can be modified as shown in this post.

[quote=“kgha,topic:3098,post:11”]disabling the previously set proxy (choosing ‘not set’)
disabling the previously set port (choosing ‘not set’)
choosing PAP as authentication type (previously ‘not set’)
unticking ‘supl’ from ‘APN type’ (leaving only ‘default’).[/quote]

Thanks Stefan, this is exactly the setting that my phone set itself to automatically (that is, the setting that I went back to), and it seems to work. So far…

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I serm to have the same problem. Also on Telia, Sweden. 3g internet was less and less accessible. First only in some geographic areas. Now everywhere. Usually “connection reset” errors.

Problem happens on all browsers I tested, Facebook and youtube appbut not (!) for the Twitter app.

All seems to point to a change at operator. But other phones seem to handle whatever changed without any problems.

Actually the exact error is ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.

One more detail about sweden. Afik all providers share the same network infrastructure and are in that sense all sort of virtual providers. This already caused problems in the early fairphone days with incorrect roaming detection

Did you look through the solutions posted, with setting up the APN?

If this does not solve your problem, I suggest you to write to FP support directly, and tell them about your concerns regarding the Swedish network infrastructure. If you find out something, please post your news here.