New update July 2020 - phone now won't boot

Hi. I had an update notification on my phone this morning. I agreed to the update and pressed restart when prompted. It hasn’t worked since and boots into “Team Win Recovery Project”. We’ve tried to reboot it and it either boots back into team win recovery project or just gets stuck on the start up screen. We think that there might not have been enough space on the phone for the update, and have cleared some space but that’s not fixed it. Any ideas on what else to try? Thanks very much

Hi there,
Are you under LineageOS? Normally a update of the regular OS won’t boot you on TWRP (TeamWin Recovery Project - see #twrp) AFAIK.

Hi Alex,
thanks for your reply. It was running on the OS it came with (after several of the updates that the phone prompted/recommended). LineageOS doesn’t sound familiar to me.

Ok, mistake on my side to think it couldn’t happen on the regular OS.
Please check this thread, seems to be the same problem, I don’t know if there is a solution though, but it may be interesting:

great, thank you. I’ll give it a go.

For whatever reason, it seems that Fairphone OS 19.11.2 is recently pushed (again) to people still on 19.08.1 – 8 months after it was originally released. If this is the update you were trying to install, you will most likely need to install it in a different way now. This involves a computer that your FP2 needs to be connected to in a way explained here:


But then you’ll have to do a #dic:backup, and if your phone doesn’t boot, you’ll have to do it through #twrp.

Yes and no. It’s a recommended safety measure, but in this case data will only be lost in case of an accident as this is an upgrade, not a downgrade (in which case data would inevitably be erased).



Note to others reading here: I’m starting to think Fairphone is currently pushing the most recent update (19.11.2) to latecomers again. There have been reports of this here and there in recent days. My guess: Fairphone needs all FP2 users to be on 19.11.2 to be able to (at a date not known yet) upgrade to Android 9 – more specifically: Upgrading to Android 9 will require the AOSP recovery (and 19.11.2 replaced TWRP by the AOSP recovery).


I have de same problem, how did you solve it??

With an earlier update, manual installation of the OS, as suggested above, worked for me (see here , & other messages in the topic “FP2 does not start after update”).
You may first want to try clearing the cache, though, as suggested by s99h in a later thread:

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Thanks so much both of you. My phone is much better now.