New software update Kola Nut 1.8.5 is ready

My update worked without any issues. However, now the phone regularly checks for updates - even when WIFI is disabled. How can I turn that off?

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Here you go.

Tried to install autostarts via F-Droid, but only get cryptic “not installed” message. Don’t have google store. Any alternatives you could recommend?

Oh ok Paul, Sorry about that I didn’t realize you weren’t FP employee. Thanks for the update. I’ll keep my eye out for the new storage upgrade then.

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Sometimes you have to wait a few seconds after installing an app on f-droid.

other option would be to download one of the goolge apps via evozi

I managed to install autostarts by downloading the apk directly from via f-droid website. For some reason, directly installing from F-Droid no longer seems to work. Wonder if this is related to the update (had no issues previously)

Strange. Maybe reinstalling F-Droid helps?

Hi I have updated my fairphonne and reinstalled Google Apps from the widget as told, but it keeps telling me that a new update is available, and I can just keep doing it over and over again. Can it be true?

I tried “Empty cache” and “Erase data” but it’s still the same. It keeps checking if there are new updates. Otherwise it works perfectly.

I have the some problem with the Android Keyboard stopped. I though I could use the Fairphne without installing the Google app store. After all we are offered the choice to install or not, or don"t we?

Please help me to install the old version on this Phone for gods sakes!
I am sorry but your forums are not understandable for me and any tutorials are not helpful.
I tried this but I get an error when installing the 1.6. Version.
this Update is impossible!
I had so far no troubles updating the phone and I liked the slight changes of the previous Versions, but this updates takes away what the fair phone was standing for for me!

No free space anymore - you want me to spam my screens with tons of apps just like any other cheap phone out there?? no thanks, I enjoyed the blank spaces and the ability to launch apps from the hidden side swipe- that was innovative and great about fairphone! It made the fairphone worth it!

the swiping! where is that now? I don’t see any option to enable it? are you serious? it is the only way I can type on a phone/ Again its something innovative and great and now it is gone???

You make me force use google search with the ever present google bar now?? that is no longer fair and autonomous, and do as you please, dear user, as how you were selling your phone so far!

concluding - everything the FairPhone was good for is gone now.

Please help me reinstall the old version or I am going to sell this phone off on eBay. And I am sadly not the first one of my Fairphone Friends planning this by now!
Already the fact, that it is not possible to buy a single cable, which got a loos contact with the phone, but only the charger itself, is ridiculous and not matching with your, you can buy any part extra shows how much lies and not working customer support options are going on here!

I need the previous version to be able to keep using it! Thank you!

If you have used Google Apps previously, the FP thinks you would like to keep using it. If you don’t want to install Google Apps again, you have to choose the AOSP keyboard in the settings. Here is how to do that:

Go to Settings > Input and Language and tick "Android keyboard (AOSP).

If you have critics to tell the Fairphone team, please do so through Support. This is a community forum populated by FP-users like you and me.

I’m sorry to read about your problems. It seems you accidentally installed plain AOSP (also called “Vanilla Android”) without Edge Swipe and the Peace of Mind widget/Last Used/Most Used widget. I’m afraid you will have to update to Fairphone OS manually, to get back these commodities.

Can you find the Fairphone Updater on your phone? Then you can update to Fairphone OS there. If not, here are some links, which should help you:

PS: There is also this topic:

Does the solution provided there suit you?

@paulakreuzer: No, my Problem is not solved yet. Can’t enter recovery mode nor anything else I know of. Do you know how I could bring it back to life?

Did you see this post?

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I might have been a little hard with my words. Sorry for that.
Nonetheless, the initial 1G/13G scheme was not sufficient for daily use and should have been solved way earlier so that users as myself would have never been tempted to do it themselves.

By now I followed the instructions (link somewhere in this thread, I think from @gsoundsgood or @paulakreuzer) using Flashtool, going down to v1.6 (unified partition) first and than using the fairphone updater.
After initial issues with the drivers to be installed it finally worked out fine (manual install both drivers + restart, Win 8).



Hallo Paul,

vielen Dank. Habe im Support eine Anleitung gefunden “How to install an update manually” und bin danach vorgegangen. Um es kurz zu machen: Kolanut 1.8.5 läuft nun bei mir tadellos; ich meine sogar, dass alles schneller geht, aber das bildet man sich auch leicht ein. Die Icons sind wieder kleiner (als bei 1.8), find ich gut, die “Systemeinstellungen” findet man wieder so wie “vor 1.8”. Ich konnte wieder alles herrichten, wie es vorher war. Fairphone ist wieder mein Freund. Und wenn beim nächsten update auch noch der wirklich nicht wichtige bug mit der “KLANGVERSTÖRUNG” behoben wird (ist ja nur ein Wort in der deutschen Oberfläche), ist es wirklich gut.
Vielen Dank für den schnellen Support


Hi, I thought everything had gone seamlessly with the update, but ever since I’ve been unable to open contacts. The info is there - I can access it through the telephone - but if I try and open the Contacts app it crashes immediately. Any ideas?

It seems that something went wrong with the update. Doing the update again should solve your issues. :slight_smile: (Go to Fairphone Updater > Advanced Mode > Android for Fairphone > Fairphone Kola Nut 1.8.5 > Install).

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