New FP2 but where is my data?

Hello everyone,
I just got my new and first fairphone2. Before that I did not have a smartphone so I had to do most things by hand.
But what I do not understand is why there is no App like “my data” where all my pictures etc. get inside. I just put some pictures and music from my PC to my FP2. When I tried to choose a picture for one of my contacts that was no problem. But except of this I can not find my data on the phone. Do I need to download an App for that (which on)? And what if I want to choose a song for a ringtone?
I am absolutely not used to work with smartphones. So it would be great if you could help me.

Did you you drag and drop your photos to phone or SDcard memory? Is nothing visible in “Gallery”?
With regards to Ringtones have a look at this suggestion:

There is no ‘my data’ but there are separate apps for photos, for music, etc. The ‘Photos’ app will display your pictures and videos, in any folder on the device. Music placed on your device can be played from the ‘Play Music’ app, or you can download any other music player you like from the Play Store.

If you have placed another kind of data on your phone & can’t find it back, just ask it here. Your question is a bit too general to give a full answer.


The data are all on the phone.

I dont have a “Gallery”. I have a lot of installed googleapps, where I found my data, after disagreeig to buy something. I just have hoped for something where I can find all data in one and something else than a googleapp. Do you have any suggestions what to get instead of google?

Many thanks for the ringtones link. I solved the problem. :slight_smile:

For almost any app there are Google-free alternatives. For instance you can use Leafpic for photos and K9 mail for e-mail - I don’t know a good music app right away but surely someone else knows. You can also install the Open OS from Fairphone if you want your phone to be entirely Google-free but that is more for the experienced Android user.

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Marie, you might want to contact a “Fairphone Angel” (blue words are clickable) to advise you how to proceed. You sound like you might be better served with installing the Google-free “Fairphone Open OS” or another alternative OS. If there is a Fairphone Angel in your area, feel free to contact her or him if you need assistance with making a choice and/or the installation process.

It looks like you need a short introduction in smartphones, no problem :slight_smile:

In the default software of any Android phone, almost everything is from Google - just like iPhones are all Apple. Having one of those two is the easiest way to use a smartphone as basically all apps are compatible with Google and Apple systems. It of course also means that Google (in the case of the Fairphone) can collect data on you. Fairphone is one of the few vendors, maybe the only one, to offer an easy way to get rid of the Google stuff. That means Android smartphones without Google are rare, so many app developers don’t take care of those phones. Some apps may require workarounds to work on Open OS or may not work at all (rare).

It’s your choice with Fairphone. Just take a moment to think about it.

Generally to search/browse for files a file browser (similar to windows explorer) is of use. By standard there is one provided by Android called Amaze. It gives you the opportunity to search for your files on the phone as well.

No, Amaze is not a part of Android. You have to install Amaze separately.

The default file manager is found at Settings → Device → Storage & USB → [select storage] (if internal storage: → Explore).

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Currently correct (Android 6 and on).

But Amaze came preinstalled back in the days of Android 5 (Lollipop) based Fairphone Open OS … which @Patrick1 might still be running?

@TobiasF @AnotherElk

Yes, yes, and ah…yes to both of you.

So now I know too.
I don’t use Amaze anyway and forced it to stop. I prefer Total commander.

Yep, correct.
My initial statement was wrong. Many thanks for your clarification on this.

Hello MarieM,
I recommand to download the app “GhostCommander”. You will find it in “F-Droid”. F-Droid is a shop of apps just like Google Play.You have do first download F-Droid from their website ( and then, in F-Droid, look for the GhostCommander.
F-Droid is a free app and offers only free apps which is great for your privacy !
GhostCommander shows the tree of files of your Fairphone, very easy to use, just like a file manager. Goodkuck!

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Again a lot of thanks :slight_smile:

Free as in freedom. Free (as in free beer) apps on Google Play are often the worst for your privacy because they make money by selling your data.


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