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I noticed the whole website including the Support section looks generally revamped (“zendesk” has disappeared from the URL as well). While I guess you are still working on it, let me suggest keeping the step-by-step tutorials and also keeping them easily findable. Apart from offering easy visual help, they also provided a lot of German language help for those who don’t feel that well-versed in English.

P.S.: I think I overstated the “revamp” when apart from the Support section there’s just a different main photo on the start page :angel:


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I don’t know if you saw this little error

If you don’t close the welcome message, it will overlap with the title and the main menu, so I think with a z-index: 0 on #banner could work.

P.D.: I just realize the title logo it’s too big on mobile devices, so the login buttons are coming out (or maybe it’s just me)

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I think that the welcome banner is to be read and eventually clicked away. :wink: What keeps you from closing it?

Does anyone have a few minutes free to help us learn more about how you guys use the website?
I’m trying to evaluate a new mobile navigation we’re implementing to make the support section easier to access.
:smiley: Thanks


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Haven’t tried mobile yet, but I did run into another issue whilst on desktop: search from the main support page ( is semi-broken. Typing something (e.g. tantalum) into the search bar shows some suggestions (as expected), but clicking the blue “view more results” button gives me a 403 response (not expected).

Edit: mistyped the error, should be 403 - Forbidden.

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I’ve emailed support about the disappearance of the tutorials by now (ten days ago), but no feedback yet. Has anyone heard anything?

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The red area leads to the link below, although it’s above the grey line.

Still happening, and can easily be solved by removing the padding from the CSS:

.topic-list .main-link a.title {
    padding: 15px 0;
    word-break: break-word;

Edit: Or set it to 9px 0 to preserve UX on touch devices.

I found an error on underneath the “Technical Specifications” section.

This is actually the chipset of the FP1 :sweat_smile:


I can’t order anything because instead of the screen where I can select a shipping method I see this:

I just checked and this problem does not occur for me (settings: German / Germany).

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Thanks, now I figured out the problem: The cart warns you if you try to order more than one FP1 battery or more than 2 FP2 batteries, but it doesn’t tell you that you can’t order more than 2 batteries in total.


I found a problem/bug with the forum: if there are too many keywords, these overlap the text in the replies:
This topic has 4 keywords:

They overwrite the topic when scrolling.

Duplicate of this and related to this. It should get fixed during the next forum overhaul though (I can’t say when this will be).

I just checked the Fairphone Events page. The events are not listed in chronological order. Why are the Austrians #austrianfairphoners 2.12.) mentioned BEFORE the Stuttgarters #stuttgart (05.12.)??? Is this favoritism? :wink: :wink:

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It’s a bit of a mess in many ways (at least in Firefox 57), I certainly would not suspect favoritism though. Other earlier events show up “later”, too.

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:slight_smile: <- There’s the missing smiley.


Me neither. Was meant to be a joke… I obviously failed there…

Of course the Judean Fair Front should always precede the Fair Front of Judea! :wink: