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today i noticed that my dropdown menu is behind the banner.

does anyone have the same issue?

When I want to select the Country for my default address in the repairs and return portal of FAIRPHONE it only shows me one blank field to select from. Strange! Anybody experienced the same issue?

Country and language selection may be easyer. Something like that would be great:

Every browser restart (cache clean), I have to select country and langauge long winded via menu.

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Yes, so I simply closed the banner after read and all was fine.

Or it could use the language that was configured in the browser.

Every website has access to that and most don’t use that.

I can’t click the admin wrench because the tags container is above it… :frowning:

On I can only read “There are no products matching the selection.” :grinning:

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Hey @danielsjohan, I am not entirely sure what you mean… Could you include a screenshot?

It seems this has been fixed (I remember I could see what Daniel linked to, but no longer now).

Glad to see the issue with Radikal being replaced by something hard to read has been fixed as well. More legible link boxes now. :slight_smile:


Yes! It took a while but finally the CSS of our zendesk pages got fixed :slight_smile:

Now I hope that the remaining issues with the forum can become the focus of the web-team :slight_smile:

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As @urs_lesse said, it has indeed been fixed. Great!


I have a problem with my FP2 which was reported to Support a long time ago. Now when I log in to my account at Support there is no option to view my activities? There used to be a link to “my account” in the upper right of the screen?

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Thanks for reporting this, I hope it will be rectified by Fairphone.
In the meantime, I think you can still access your past enquiry via this link:

I am probably posting this in the wrong section, sorry about that.

I recently had to update my billing address and I have noticed that the address inputbox has got a max length of 20 chars. That wasn’t enough to fill in my address and in general, for the address field, is common to specify a higher limit.

I overcame the problem by changing the html manually but I don’t think this is something everybody can think of, so I am reporting it.

Sorry if I am misunderstanding!

Here is a screenshot of the problem:

Thank you,


The link description is not descriptive:

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Was vulnerable to CloudBleed? suggests that Zendesk uses Cloudflare.

I’m not sure if this question should be a separate topic, but here is the point of view from Fairphone IT:

Zendesk has published an Security Advisory that says they where not impacted by the leak (Fairphone did not put it’s own website behind cloudflare, nor it’s zendesk site).

So for now it seems that for Zendesk, the forum and the Fairphone site there is no impact as it does not use cloudflare.

As for other services and steps you can take please refer to the documentation below. If you find sites in this list you should assess the risks and consider rotating your credentials and passwords.


The use of the German word “Batterie” for a rechargeable battery is wrong in German. I would strongly suggest to label the FP1 battery and the FP2 battery as an “FP1 Akku” and an “FP2 Akku” in the German version of the Fairphone shop instead. This also applies to the 2nd line, it should read “Der Boost für deinen Akku”.


This is still not fixed (and I still get lead to the wrong topics). Is there a timeline for when anyone will work on the forum CSS again?

I find the homepage difficult to navigate - maybe also related to me typically watching it at a 13’’ laptop screen.

Let’s say I want an overview of:

  • achievements
  • failed or postponed projects

It is rather intuitive to go from the start page via link “Story” to url
But - why did the “story” link lead to a url “our-goals”?

Now I find 3 links “Our Goals”, “How we work”, “Blog”.
But - why is there a link to “our goals” when I am already on a page called “our goals”?

Anyway, “our goals” sounds future-focussed, “how we work” sounds like company principles and blog is blog. Were to check for an overview of historic milestones? Hm…maybe they are linked somewhere at a lower position on the same page, let’s scroll down.
Okay, I find icons like “Fair materials”. Cannot click on them. Just below the descriptive text of the icons again, this time click-able.

And so on…big pictures which take away a lot of screen size but no explanation what they are showing. Links whose linking feature is not obvious but detected but meticulously hovering the mouse over every single item on the page…and my favourite target: the sold Fairphone counter which almost never changes :slight_smile:

In general too much stuff where function follows form - while it should be the other way round. I’d want a homepage which simply presents well organized/categorized information. In its current state it is pretty - but in my eyes too much ‘fancy-ness’ can even impact credibility.

I experience the homepage in the current state as a place where you really have to WANT to find the information you are looking for. And I think it could be presented easier.