NEW Mobile Website Prototype -- Feedback Needed!

Hi Guys!

It’s Akshay the UX Designer @ Fairphone!
We’d like to make some parts of the website more easily accessible so we’re redesigning the mobile navigation. You can try out the new one here:

Try New Mobile Nav
(It’s a prototype so you’re limited to only a few pages & interactions)

What I’d like to find out from you guys is:

  • What are the three main things you use the website for?
  • Would this navigation make things harder for you?

All Feedback is welcome!


I like it.
The only difference I see is that instead of the dropdown menu the sub-menu is now replacing the super-menu in the navigation bar and the super-menu is now a hamburger menu. Or is there another change I missed?

  • the forum (duh! ;))
  • the shop (to see which spare parts are out of stock)
  • Things that are not (yet) actually part of the homepage, like:
  • and the #bugtracker

I think it would make things easier (a little bit at least).


Hi Akshay,

I do like the prototype. However, I must admit, I have never ever, prior to this, used my Fairphone for accessing the website. I always do it on my computer. So, I am not entirely sure, if this make things easier or harder.

. The forum (that is pretty much why I use the website)
. very rarely to contact the support team (I had my screen replaced because of some pixel problems)
. none

Nope, it would not make it harder. As I have mentioned, I do not use the Fairphone to access the website and I do not intend to do so in the future as well. When I am away from my computer, I do not have to be online all the time. May be, only to receive some messages through Threema & co, but definitely not to surf online. I treasure my time offline a lot and that is why I use my Fairphone for the absolute least possible. :wink:

Happy Mayday!


[quote=“Akshay_Dharap, post:1, topic:28165”]
What are the three main things you use the website for?[/quote]
The forum. I also have checked the web shop a few times. I do not read the story section or the blog on my phone, if I need to do so for specific research, then I use my laptop. It is just easier to read longer texts there and more comfortable to navigate.

I personally don’t see much positive change in this new navigation bar. It does not make it easier to navigate (but also not really harder), since it offers the exact same options as the mobile website version so far. It just requires one click more on the home site and is not that obvious (I was confused at first where the menu went). The only thing that I like is that it is a bit easier to navigate within the three main sections now.
I would like it if Fairphone would include the subcategories (Fairphone 2, Spare Parts, Accessoires, Gft Cards, Our Goals, How We Work, Blog, Forum, etc.) already in the home menu so that they are more visible. As a new customer it is sometimes quite hard to find what you are looking for, because you don’t know the sub-categories yet.


Thanks for this feedback Tawa! Was there a subsection in particular which you felt was not obvious to find based on the section names?

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Thanks Vijay! Appreciate the feedback!

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Since there is no “new topic” button anymore, I’ll post here.

The admin wrench is hidden again:

Ps this happens on Safari iOS 10 something.

The distance between the profile icon and the text is too small in some cases.
Additionally I find the font being quite faint, so hard to read, esp. if the display is set to low brightness.
I would also prefer it if the forum page header (with the the menu icon, the search button and the my profile icon) would not be fixed on top of the page when scrolling down, because of the occupied space.

I’m using Lightning 4.5.0 on FP OS 17.06.4.

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