New contacts won't save

I’ve been calling a few new people for work from my new FP2 and saved about twenty new contacts in the last couple of weeks. After dialling and calling a new number in the Phone app, I wanted to add those numbers to a new contact. In most cases this worked marvellously and without any problems. With a half a dozen of numbers I noticed that it didn’t quite work as it should have.

At first the phone accepted a new contact and the phone app would show me the name instead of the number. An hour or a day later, however, the contact was completely gone. The number could still be found in the list of recent calls, but there was no contact attached to it and I couldn’t find the saved names in my contacts. With some numbers I had to create a contact twice, some others I had to create a new contact four or five times until it worked. One number is still not working, even after creating the same contact a few times now.

It seems that my contact list has a bit of a problem with its short term memory. :laughing:

Do you use any sync for contacts? Maybe you have a “servers wins” setting in your contacts sync that overwrites inputs on the phone?

I moved this to #fairphone2help. as I don’t consider it a bug until others can reproduce it.

I’ve had the same problem of late. As far as I can recall, it seems to have popped up in the last two months or so.

To be precise, this problem first arose after I installed the Outlook app (see earlier thread: Emails from Fairphone haven’t been sent). Now if I remember to set “Google contact” (as opposed to Outlook) at the top of the “Edit contact” screen the contact is saved.