Problems when saving new contacts

Hello dear community,

Wanted to enter manually my old contacts in my new FP2.
Sometimes it happens that - after having entered the data - the new contact appears in my contact list (and whatsapp), but disappears after some seconds. Why???

Then it happened for one entry that it has disappeared, and so I entered it again. I recognized that this contact existed twice (with different colors). I canceled one of the two entries, one entry remained. When I wanted to open this remaining entry, a message like “Contact does not exist” appeared.

My calendar has been synchronized with another FP2 user’s calendar and my Desktop PC.

For me, this topic has to to with the following topic: New contacts won't save

Did you read this?


Yes, I did it right now. But in my opinion, there is no relation to my problem?

I am not at all used to have a smartphone. I am happy that it works (more or less), but annoyed that it does not work as it should …

so let’s see: you have a Google-account, your phone is connected to the net, you are logged to your account, all Google-stuff is stll enabled and storing contacts is not working?



  • have a google account
  • Connection to the Internet
  • logged to my Google account
  • Google stuff (e.g. whatsapp) is enabled

No, there are still Problems saving contacts.

It is maybe far-fetched but did you check if you re-enabled Privacy Impact?

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Note: Google-stuff is not Whatsapp, but what we call GAPPS (Google-Apps), that are all app which name starts with “Google” and some more like Youtube, Maps, aso. …

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Yeah, this seems to work so far.
Thx Juli_R =)

PS: But when will this bug be solved --> when will be the update?

What are the consequences if I untick the option Privacy Impact? Except for that my contacts can be saved correctly …

Oh, glad to hear that it works. :slight_smile:

Well, the update… when? I guess that’s the one million dollar question. :wink: we all look forward to this update and hope it is going to be available soon!

And the consequences are that all of your apps are working properly. :smiley: (sounds like kidding but it’s true for now.) The only thing (having unticked this option) is that the Privacy Impact app will always appear once you start an app for the very first time. Nothing more than that. Please be sure to check the Privacy Impact feature if any app is not working properly.

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