New camera modules - what should I be aware of?

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DHL has just informed me that my new camera modules for my FP3 will be delivered later today.

So far, I have never taken my phone apart (since I never had to). Any special tips about what to consider from all of you who have done it, especially those who have already exchanged their camera modules? Handling, tools, what to do and what to avoid?

Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom.

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I followed the YouTube videos for the camera and the top module. They make taking apart the unscrewed components look a lot easier than it is. I had to apply a lot more pressure than I was comfortable with, but it was ok, I don’t seem to have damaged anything. No chance of lifting the ribbon cables using just a fingernail either, I ended up using a small kitchen knife with a rounded tip.

Edit: Good luck! :smiley:


In general, I prefer iFixit’s photo and text instructions over video tutorials.

More specifically on the camera modules, this might be good to be careful about:

Other than that, I can second @uodalricus’s observations (both). Separating display and core module from each other is a bit tricky even after the screws are out. But from what I have read so far, it will hurt you more than it will hurt the device. :wink:


Make sure you updated to Android 10. They don’t work on Android 9 (and thus also not on /e/OS if you use that).

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I did in ~25 minutes :wink:

For me, the most “difficult” part was indeed removing the display module, which needed much more pressure and force than it looks like in the FP instruction videos )and almost felt like breaking the entire phone).

For loosening the screws I used the Philips screwdriver that came with the phone, it worked pretty well. To remove the ribbon cable connectors I also went for a kitchen knife. For finally tightening the 13 screws, I additionally chose a Proxxon Micro Driver PH 0-3 x 40 which semt a bit more precise than the Fairphone tool.

Anyway, both camera modules workes instantaneously – and the rest of the phone, too.

Thanks for helping me out!

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Did that once it became available. But thanks anyway!

Had to install a different modded google camera app. The version I was using did crash with the new module.

I guess you mean the pre-installed camera app. The crash problem might be solved this way: Settings > Apps > Camera > Storage > Clear Storage

No I’m talking about the pixel camera app. I used the version recommended here: Pixel camera app / Google Camera Port

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I do not use a camera app that was not built for the FP3, so this was not an issue for me. But thanks for the hint anyway.

Just to mention: this port was given as a hint on the forum because it was built for a phone which had the same sensor as the FP3 camera. So I wouldn’t be surprised it crashed with the new sensor, it’s simply not done for it.


As indicated above by other users: Installation of new camera is more difficult than expected. I needed an additional tool :wink: A nail-file to repair my broken nails after removing the connector.
But one problem: Pictures at short distance are not sharp. Long distance is okay. I am often using the Fairphone for copying documents and therefore I cannot live with this quality. I tried original app and open camera. Open camera in macro mode is a little better but still not satisfactory.
I there any possibility to calibrate the camera? It seems to be a software issue and not the camera itself.

I am experiencing same issue of the new camera module not taking sharp pictures up close. Indeed would be good if any one coult offer some tips to improve sharpness taking close-up pictures! Thanks!

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Here is a tip / trick to get close-ups that the camera itself is not able to focus on because it simply lacks the physical possibilities. A magnifying glass, in my case a folding magnifier that I hold in front of the smartphone lens. It’s a bit tricky, but with a little practice it should work. So it’s not for quick photography. Other magnifiers also work, but you can test them out. Simply optics.
Here is an example:


Hi Esther. Welcome to the community forum.

Could you post an image and tell how close the camera lens is, maybe something common, that another could emulate, oh! and the app used.

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Hi Amoun,

Attached an image. It really is the camera as it happens in the camera app when taking a picture but also when trying to scan a QR-code for paying or opening a menu at a restaurant. As you can see, it’s quite annoying as I miss functionality which I had with my previous camera module

Considering your three posts can I assume it was better before you upgraded the camera?

You didn’t say how close you were to the objects but it looks really poor.
Can you confirm you have latest Android 10 version 3.A.0107.20210513

However suggest you contact support[@]fair phone[dot]com. Support can be slow and tedious but best get started as it may be more than this user community can help you resolve.

OH! check there isn’t a thin film of protective plastic over the aperture that covers the camera and flash.

The following is taken from a catalogue, from 150cm. The image has been crop by 50% and resized to a third at sunset hence the white page is grey (no flash)

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That’s a good point about the protective film!
@Esther_Peeters : which camera app are you using?
I’ve just switched to I just wish I’d done that earlier!

Feldspars and Fool’s gold in my kitchen worktop

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