Network Provider Name in Statusbar

Hello Community,
this is my first post. Therefore, a happy hello to the round. Here’s to a good cooperation.

Since a few days I have my Fairphone 4 in my hands. My very first Fairphone.

I have immediately to concerns regarding the network provider in the status bar:

The provider name takes up all the space on the left side next to the notch. The FP4 recently has a notch in the middle.

You can only read the name, nothing else. No important info, only the unimportant provider display.
I think it’s enough if you can read the name when you drag the status bar down.

I do not have to read that I am with vodaphone. I know that as well. :wink:

Can this be hidden in the future?
It is unnecessary and only takes up space, which is now less anyway.


Statusbar. Notch can not be screenshoted…

This is my first post, so sorry, I can only put one inline screenshot. I would give you the opened statusbar infos, but not permitted.

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