Need help with data (whatsapp) from my old FP2

I own a FP3 for a while now (de-googled), but I used to have a FP2 before. When switching I tried to get all the data, but without trying to use google it didn’t all go well. It wasn’t a problem until my sister suddenly died a couple months ago. She deleted her whatsapp and the data is incomplete. I still have my FP2 and when I try to get the pictures to my laptop it can’t even find them. That is not a big problem, as I have transferred a lot to my FP3. The problem is my whatsapp history with my sister is missing all the photos. I have some of the photos in my gallery, but they don’t show up in the whatsapp chat. If I turn on my FP2 it is reeeeaaaally slow. It feels as if it doesn’t have that long before it gives up and dies. Then when I open whatsapp to try to get the old data from there (hopefully with the photos) it says that the time and date on my phone isn’t correct and I can’t go further (the time and date are correct, I tried several things there). I really don’t know what to do as I have brain damage and phones and computers especially are really hard for me to even use. I am desperate to get these data. It would be really appreciated if someone could help me.

Hi and welcome,
maybe you want to check if you have a fairphone angel close that might be able to help you in person? The map with contact options can be found here

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Thank you for replying, I will try that.

Unfortunately, if you started using WhatsApp on your new device, WhatsApp on your old device won’t work with your account anymore and you won’t be able to do backups (even if there wasn’t this date and time error)… I went through trying to do WhatsApp backups without google and it’s really annoying… I fear there isn’t much to do here. I don’t know a way of making the images appear again in whatsapp if they disappeared from a chat.
Perhaps you could try contacting WhatsApp support?

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