My whatsapp pictures are gone without backup

Dear Fairphone fellows,

I have a problem… I can’t sleep anymore.
I have been taking pictures via WhatsApp which were very important to me.
Today I was installing an APP when suddenly my Fairphone 3+ crashed.
When I turned it back on I noticed that after august 29th there has not been made a backup.
I have lost some very very very important pictures that I took in September.
I have tried all kinds of “restore” apps but nothing works. Is there ANY way to get these
pictures back? :frowning: whoever can help me will be my hero forever!

Kind regards.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

You say there has been no backup, does that mean you use a Google cloud back up, I don’t so wouldn’t really be able to help there.

Do you use an SD card and is it installed as an extension to the Internal memory? If so that could precipitate the problem. If that is the case you will not be able to save anything and will have to effectively reformat the SD card as Portable and cope with the losses.

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