My phone refuses to charge(and I have followed all the guidelines)

My phone does not want to charge its battery for some reason.
I’ve owned the Fairphone 3 for about 2 months now and suddenly I cant charge my battery. I’ve tried everything that the guidelines suggests (cleaning, restart, taking out the sim/battery resetting the phone, trying different chargers ect.) multible times. None has been succesful so far…
When turned on the phone does not recharge at all and when turned off the phone will vibrate with a 10 to 20 seconds interval telling me that it is charging and not to unplug it, but the phone is still not getting any power back…
Anyone ever had this problem? Any suggestions to what I can do?

Report the problem to Fairphone support, as it seems you’ve done a lot and nothing helped.

As a workaround until Fairphone support figure something out for you (or even react), and as a plan B for charging trouble in the future, there are universal smartphone battery chargers to charge smartphone batteries outside of the phone …


What kind of charger and cable do you use?

Yep, cross test with another charger and cable and do sane with your current charger with another phone.

You will quickly see if it’s the device or the charger who are faulty.

The cable is from the fairphone webshop. The chargers I’ve tried was a Samsung and two cheap ones manufactured by a company named zebra a/s.
Last night I was able to charge my phone from 9% to 21% then it refused to charge once again. I tried my roommates Samsung charger and cable again this morning and suddenly it was charging. It won’t go to a 100% but just stays at 99% .

My roommates experienced no problems using my charger and cable.

So it’s not the phone, then. Good to know. Do you usually carry your FP3 in your trouser pocket - fluff in the USB-C port, maybe?

Concerning the 100% level, I think it’s normal because before obtain it, the phone has to stay on charge longer than what it really needs to move up of 1% to any value till 99.

I don’t know why, maybe I’ve a less capable/ default unit compare to the others but for me it’s till I can my 1.5 business days on one charge.

Did you try your cable on your computer? That will permit to exclude a faulty cable, but as said above, thanks God, your device isn’t damaged.

I have the same issue with my fairphone. Tried the same things - nothing seems to work. Have you found anything yet?

In my case, the little ‘white’ light on the top left turns on (as opposed to the red blinking one). This normally indicates charging (or a full battery). But even though that white light is on, the phone is not charging.