My frontcamera got completely blurred

Hello fellow FP users!

Since a short time my front camera got completely blurred. That means that it is not showing images anymore, it is only light sensitive.

I am not sure when this happened, but I recently replaced my screen and I did the latest FP4 update.

The strange thing is that I don’t see a black eye in the camera anymore, but a white thing, almost like a small dot of paper in the camera :thinking:

So I guess my camera is broken. Does anyone here have any clue on this?



It is possible that some dust got between the camera and the display. You can try taking it apart and cleaning it with compressed air. Also check for any loose connectors.


Thank you, I will try that later today. I must admit that I am a bit nervous about taking out the cameras to check…

As you had to replace teh screen after you dropped the phone its very likely just a loose connection.have a look at the YT ifixit video


Hi yvmuell, thank you for your reply and the link to ifixit, I didn’t know that website! I also found this section on the FP site, and the video about replacing the front camera is pretty clear:


So, after opening my phone and camera compartment, I found out what it was. Somehow a sticker (yes you read that right!) had shifted before the eye of the camera. I have never opened the camera compartment before so I have really no idea how it got there. It was quite sticky and it was partly (with the long end of the sticker) tightened between the backside and the screen of my phone.

The sticker had the same size as the front camera, as you can see on the added pictures.


Haha. My guess was dust, but this is much funnier. :smiley: Glad you managed to solve it.



One more addition from my side. I guess the sticker came with the new screen that I put on my phone. However, I got some help with the repelacement, and we didn’t see it when we replaced the screen. A bit weird huh?


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