My FP2 lose regularly the GSM network

It’s been many month that my FP2 loose the GSM network quite in all my call. I succeed in having calls but it’s embarrassing.
I already verified my SIM slot, my network provider. I check visually the connection of the antenna cable…
The only thing I read is to backup all the phone and try to reinitialise it.
I would like to avoid this solution because I can’t skip my phone use for my job and for the moment it works badly but it works :-))

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How old is your SIM card and who is your provider?

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My SIM is 1 year old and when I changed it I already have the same problem.

My provider is SFR in France.

What happens if you switch your phone to 3G?

sorry for the delay. Nothing better when I switch on 3G.

It could be your SIM. Try it with a new SIM.

Thanks for your answer,

In fact, it works very much better in 3G !! The conversations are not cutting :+1:

Just, very often, when someone try to reach me, the phone doesn’t ring and I only receive a call notification by sms.

Any idea of the problem ?

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Toggle flight mode on/off when you have lost the network connection.
And have a look at this thread loss of network connection.

In reading all thé forum comments, I understand that there ils no solution. That’s strange.
And turning togle flight on off is not a solution for me because thé problem ils that i’m loosing calls.

So switching to 3G is the best oprion for you.
Still a new SIM could work better and of course the coverage of your provider could alsibe a part of the problem.

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