My Fairphone 2 keeps crashing

I will be in the middle of using the phone and it crashes. I need to get this fixed or return the phone. Does anyone have any suggestions ?

It would really help us if you could describe your issue and circumstances a bit better.

  • What happens when the phone “crashes”?
    • Does it get stuck on a certain screen?
    • Does it get stuck on a black screen?
    • Does it reboot?
    • Or do you mean an app you are using crashes?
    • Is there an error message?
  • What Operating System do you use and which update? (What does it say if you open the updater app?)
  • Does is only happen if you use the phone and if so does it happen while doing specific things or randomly?

It reboots as in turns itself off and on again

The system is 18.02.0

And it happens randomly. Its happened when I’ve been on the phone, watching you tube and when I’m not even using the phone

Did you get a notification for a special update recently? If not check the updater again to see if it’s offered there. This should fix most random reboots for relatively new devices.
If it doesn’t check out the #rebootsguide for some tips.


I didn’t get the notification but have now installed the update. Should this fix it?

To be exact:

Adjust memory interface parameters for the updated memory package in phones produced in or after Q3 2017.

From the release notes.

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Does the problem still occur when you put the phone in flight-modus?

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Anyone knows if these memory parameters will make their way into LineageOS, or if it’s possible patch it yourself?

This is being discussed here:

To everyone else with this issue, please check out the #rebootsguide and if you need further advice please continue here to avoid duplicate topics:

FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

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