My computer don't show my fairphone anymore via USB

Hi there all,

till this morning, when i tried to add a file simply via USB link, my computer don’t show anythink when the phone is plugged, even the phone don’t charge anymore when plugged.

I’ve tied a lot o things :

  • First, i’ve tried all my computer’s USB entries with another material, every ones of them work fine.

  • I’ve tried the same cable, directly with dedicated charger into a power outlet. The phone load normally.

  • I’ve tried with another cable, same result.

  • I’ve tried to clean every plugs, same result.

  • I’ve update USB drivers on my laptop, after reboot, and first plug fairphone begin to load but is still not recognized by the computer, and second time same result as the beginning.

  • I’ve finally tried to go to Settings/Storage/Option but the USB option is greyed. On the notification panel, notion appear so i can’t change anything to MTP, Like the connection sharing via USB on the settings.

I don’t remember changing anything special on the phone recently…

thanks for your help,

i’m looking to go to Fairphone Open, maybe it’s the time!

Not easy - especially because I am no windows user. And without any hint from your side about a specific USB driver , PC-operating system , versions etc I am only guessing blindly.

If you are using windooze - linux would be more simple - the weakest point is the USB driver. (As always with windows in the past in general with USB) However your report about instable current load e.g. for charging with your laptop also can be a smoking gun. The USB voltage is software independant and another charger did load your phone. This may have shown a - short term - problem with your laptop in general .However now this works again.
My best advice would be :
Better use the recommended ADB USB driver .

Hi lord!

thanks for response.

I’ve tried ADB, it don’t detect anything when i plug the phone… “device not found” error.

I don’t think it’s coming from laptop USB, just because it was working on all entries few days ago…


if you connect your phone, is there any reaction on the phone. Usually you can decide which mode you want to connect your phone (called somewhat like “camera” and “storage” mode).

Did you try both modes?

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Hi Werner,

No, there is anything happening when i plug the phone, even the battery logo don’t change to battery charging. But it happens when i plug it to into a power outlet.

So i don’t have acces to USB mode options, like MTP mode (the one you call storage).

It looks like the cable you use isn’t a data cable.


When you switch FP2 between PC and power outlet do you also switch another cable ?
Could you use the power outloet with the same USB cable of the PC only for charging ?

@Lidwien both cables i’ve tried was always working for data few days ago… that’s what is wierd.

@anon9505190 No, when i switch FP2 between PC and power outlet, i just put the same cable on the USB switch plugged on power outlet.

And as i said before, i’ve tried data from my laptop’s USB with other equipments (but differents cable, i don’t get anything to test data directly with the same cable…) that work fine.

With all my tests, i think that cable is OK, laptop’s USB are all 3 OK, all plugs cleaning OK, so that’s somthing software from my FP2 but i can’t have accès to any settings there are all greyed or unaccess…

I also come back to my first answer: Not easy , mostly because you have windows that hides messages from your FP2 on the laptop. On linux the kernel and usb tools would tell us more. And yes, I agree that any fix for this rather concerns the FP2 than your laptop. Before I rooted my FP2 I had also problems with mounting OTG storage USB sticks while others had not.

I have a ubuntu somewhere in a usb, i can’t try something if you explain me well.

So what you suggest to do?

You think it’s a good idea to go to rooted Open OS? I’m a bit bored with that situation because of all app already set in…

If you have Ubuntu on USB or CD, let your PC boot that. When it is fully running, insert your FP2 into USB. The action when connecting something on USB is nearly the same as with Windows.

Small anecdote. 2 weeks ago someone gave me an USB-Stick with images. I inserted the stick into a Windows-7-Computer (at work), started the explorer, searched for the stick and startet to view the images. 2 minutes later the PC send a note: new hardware detected (USB-disk), installing drivers. That took 5 minutes and then it said, “you can now use your new USB-device”. By that time I had copied the right image from that stick to the PC and was ready. Unbelievable, I know …



I got the same problem here. tried everything but in only shows my FP2 charging but I can’t choose the mode nor can I move data from my pc to the fp2 and vis versa

and of course it’s data cable, valid port and I tried different cables etc.

same me! I have the same problem but on a macbook.

First start of your ubuntu should give you lsusb (just return) to find the most simple usb device list with a line starting like (not precise)
Bus 002 Device 003: ID 2ae5:9039 … after ID it must be precise in only one line of output

Also after immediately re-plugin of FP2/usb output of dmesg (return) gives you
usb 2-3: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 3
usb 2-3: New USB device found, idVendor=2ae5, idProduct=9039
usb 2-3: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
usb 2-3: Product: Android
usb 2-3: Manufacturer: Android
usb 2-3: SerialNumber: (xxxxxx)

After starting ubuntu make sure you have internet connection including functional apt-get or synaptic . You need mtp-tools to analyse your FP2 with usb connnected. Find it by dpkg mtp-tools or install it by apt-get install mtp-tools.

Then you find mtp-tools for mounting your FP2 SD card by reading manual page : man mtp-tools. Also I could give you another lesson with mtp-tools commandline. No, no windows graphics tools, no icons and nice little pictures. Only commandlinle given and driven.

I had the exact same issue with FP1U, I’ve just fixed it by wiping data from the Android app managing the media storage on the phone:

Settings > Apps > “All” tab > Media Storage > Clear data > Unplug USB > Plug USB

Hope this will do the trick for you too.


I also have the same problem. When I connect my FP2 with my PC via USB cable, the FP2 is charging, but I can’t choose the mode, nor can I transfer data. I tried different cables and Judas Trick (Settings > Apps > “All” tab > Media Storage > Clear data > Unplug USB > Plug USB) but it didn’t work. This problem also appeard after a software update. Before it worked.

Sidenote: I tried it with bluetooth and it also didn’t work…

Ok, now it’s working! I tried a third USB cable. Obviously there are USB data cables and USB non data cables…

Aka USB charging cables. But these don’t work well for charging a Fairphone either, see:

Mine is USB data cable, when it was working i was transfering files without any problems…